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Social Media Monitoring Tool For WordPress Website

Either it is matter of SEO services or managing the content of the website, WordPress is considered as best CMS. To hold top position in the market, you adopt different marketing strategies, tools, techniques and monitoring the website. To monitor website, social media can be helpful for you. Nowadays having a presence on social media is not enough, for the growth of business you must understand the reader or visitors and monitor such things like where your post being shared, who is actively engaging with your content and what your readers enjoy the most. As a business owner it is an opportunity for you to monitor your presence on social media, this will give you a chance to analyze your company.

Literally, people go for social media marketing, but overlook social media monitoring. To ensure the functionality of WordPress website you adopt numerous methods, but it is the time where customer not only select their favorite brand via online but also value the online presence. It is the crucial you tap into how they identify with you and your products. So in this article we will describe why social media monitoring is necessary for WordPress website and its importance for the success of the company and at last but not least some of the most popular social media monitoring tools, for which you don’t need to pay any cost.

Why Social Media Monitoring ?

Social media is a powerful platform, but unfortunately many business owners unable to take advantage of it, just sharing the content on different platform is not enough. Here business owners have to be active and analyze their followers and see where he can work for the betterment of business. To expand your business and customer base you have to observe your targeted audience on each platform, thereby you cater their needs more appropriately. In this scenario social media account will work as boon for you, with this you will know the reaction of people about your brand.

Importance of Social Media Monitoring

Either you run Web Design Company or real estate company, social media monitoring will enable you to observe the things such as

• You can reach to your targeted audience and number of followers and check how big your customer base is.
• You can engage with your customers via retweet, comments, backlinks and shares to see how your customers are interacting with your shared content.
• See the satisfaction of customer by your products and services.
• Measure the number of sales by social media marketing efforts.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Google Alerts – Some people advocate Google alerts as one of the best free online tools and used by Web Development Company to monitor your online presence. It is used to track backlinks, which will enable you to see who is linking to your blog posts of the website in their own content or on social media platforms like Google+ and Twitter.

Warble – Warble will monitor your Twitter activity, this tool will enable you to find the retweeted post and person who shared your content.

How Sociable – This is a handy tool which will enable you to track your own and presence of your competitor on social media. After entering the particular keyword this tool will provide a magnitude score ranging from 0 to 10 and the score broken into different social media platform so you can see where you are strong and where you need to put an extra effort.

Hootsuite – With Hootsuite, you can manage all social networks like Facebook, Google +, WordPress and blogs from one platform. Apart from this you can monitor social media activity, schedule and post to the various platforms, even you can send private message to targeted audience.

Synopsis – Literally, there are many social media monitoring tools, you need to select according to the needs. Just posting the content on different social media platform is not enough here you need engage with your clients and make appropriate adjustments so that you can take your business to the next level.

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