pTron Playbuds 1 Pro: Superior Audio With 35ms Latency

pTron Playbuds 1 Pro: Superior Audio with 35ms Latency

pTron Playbuds 1 Pro are the newest gaming TWS earbuds released by the company, which has a dominant position in the Indian consumer electronics sector.  The revolutionary TruTalkTM Hybrid ENC Technology and Quad Mic that were included into the pTron Playbuds 1 Pro allow for an out-of-this-world listening experience.

pTron gleaned the requirements for the TWS earphones from a survey of gamers’ wants and needs. Research and development efforts led to the current product lineup, which now includes the new pTron Playbuds 1 Pro, which was made to satisfy the most demanding specifications of serious gamers. The gadget is reasonably priced, and its initial launch price of Rs. 1499/- on Amazon is phenomenal.

pTron Playbuds 1 Pro Features and Specification

The Playbuds 1 Pro is equipped with AptSense 35ms low latency, making it ideal for gamers who want instantaneous responses and the best possible video-watching and gaming experiences.

2.50 continuous hours of playtime: The Playbuds 1 Pro, designed with marathon gaming sessions in mind, provide an impressive 50 hours of playtime on a single charge and are protected from water and dust thanks to IPX5 technology.

Earbuds with 13mm Drivers ACC for improved bass performance and the latest iteration of Bluetooth (v5.3) for lag-free, interference-free connections between devices; ideal for video games.

Mr. Ameen Khwaja, Founder & CEO, pTron, made the following statement upon the release of the new gaming TWS earbuds: “Our mission is to improve gamers’ audio experiences, and Playbuds 1 Pro is one such product that gives a quality wireless gaming audio experience. The Playbuds 1 Pro, which resulted from our current understanding of gamers and the ideal blend of product qualities, provides everything with a gamer need to jumpstart and immerse themselves in their gaming experience.

pTron Playbuds 1 Pro Price

The warranty on the Playbuds 1 Pro is one year. The Playbuds 1 Pro will be available at a discounted price of INR 1499/- on Amazon on the day of its introduction, June 23 2023, down from its standard price of INR 1799/-.

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