Razorpay and Truecaller Becomes Partners To Revolutionize Online Shopping With Instant Checkout Verification

Razorpay and Truecaller Partner

To facilitate a quick and safe online shopping experience for customers, Truecaller, a global communications platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Razorpay, India’s Leading Full-Stack Payments, and Business Banking Platform, to offer a 1-Tap, OTP-Less Verification solution.

Truecaller’s solution will allow Razorpay to improve the checkout process for the 200 million plus users that use the service each year. With Truecaller integrated into the checkout process, customers would no longer have to enter their contact information manually or wait for OTPs.

For companies, this product will facilitate:

  • Increased conversion rates by 5% and decreased abandonment rates
  • Offering its consumers, a quicker checkout process

We couldn’t be more pleased with this relationship, which will allow us to provide our 1-Tap Verification Solution to more companies as they establish their online stores. We want to create more of these kinds of smooth commercial transactions in the future. Priyam Bose, Global Head GTM at Truecaller for Business, is excited to work with the two companies to “further develop and scale solutions for the direct-to-consumer digital ecosystem.”

“Our collective vision is to craft exceptional shopping experiences that transcend convenience for both businesses and customers,” stated Khilan Haria, SVP & Head of Payments, Product at Razorpay. With this new 1-touch Verification feature, Android users can quickly and easily fill out their billing and shipping information with just a touch instead of having to go through the lengthy and inconvenient multi-step verification procedure.

As evidence of their dedication to providing a seamless purchasing experience for customers, Razorpay and Truecaller have formed a strategic partnership. The partnership is expected to pave the way for a more customer-focused strategy in the realm of e-commerce.

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