5 Reasons To Use Pulse Surveys To Get Employee Feedback

Reasons To Use Pulse Surveys To Get Employee Feedback

Understanding your employees, how they feel, and measuring their level of engagement is all in a day’s work for a successful HR manager. But the inherent problem with surveys is that they can be biased sometimes, take forever, and really become a thorn in the employees’ sides. Employees who are otherwise engaged in their work and working toward facilitating company goals aren’t necessarily going to want to take the time out of their day to take an extensive survey.

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That’s why using pulse surveys is a great idea for getting actionable and worthwhile employee feedback. Pulse surveys—quick, easy surveys that only take a few minutes to fill out—are wonderful for their cost effectiveness, actionability, and swiftness.

Boosting Engagement

Knowing how your employees feel on a weekly or monthly basis is a fantastic way to boost employee engagement. Employee engagement—encompassing motivation, inspiration, commitment, and an interest in seeing the company succeed—is a pretty crucial metric for success at any business. Managers shouldn’t treat their employees as dispensable “resources” who exist solely to serve the needs of the organization. That’s a recipe for attrition and mass resignations.

Instead, a good manager will seek to understand their employees’ feelings, thoughts, and job satisfaction. Questions asking if they like what they do, if they feel like they contribute valuable work to the organization, and whether or not they’re motivated to provide their best efforts are wonderful questions that can boost engagement. Ultimately, tailoring your pulse survey to accurately gauge employee engagement will boost it in the long term.

Easy To Administer

One of the more compelling reasons to use pulse surveys is how fast they are to administer and fill out. Various online survey utilities exist to help you design your pulse survey and figure out which questions are the most relevant to your team. It might even be a good idea to get together with your team to brainstorm the issues you need to address with your pulse survey.

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This can help with transparency initiatives as well as build trust among your team. Surveys like this are short, simple, and to the point. They should be designed so that employees don’t mind interrupting their work day to fill the survey out. You get better data that way and it’s easier to disseminate and analyze effectively. Employees should also understand what’s being asked in the survey so that they answer the question appropriately.

It’s essential to avoid bias and leading questions in surveys like this because you won’t be able to acquire valuable data. Pulse Surveys make it easier for Employees understand what’s being asked in pulse surveys as well—you won’t have any confusion between questions like “I feel valued,” “I feel like I’m making a contribution to the team,” and “I value my coworkers,” since the language will be clear-cut and unambiguous—and you can even tailor your survey to your particular team.

Quality Feedback

Feedback is an integral part of running a team effectively. Pulse surveys are a godsend for obtaining high-quality feedback from your staff. With more frequent feedback, you can be sure that you’re getting quality responses and data you can use. Pulse surveys should happen regularly so you can acquire valid data to help improve decisions and processes at work.

Frequent surveys also help employees feel like their voices are being heard, ultimately improving workplace culture. Once your employees complete a quick pulse survey, management (at all levels within the company) can easily take the right actions based on the survey results.

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If there’s an issue with something as crucial (like pay, benefits, and salary satisfaction), all managers need to have access to the results so they can make the right decisions. There shouldn’t be any waiting around for annual reviews or check-ins. Instead, pulse surveys can help managers change things well before a new quarter or budget cycle begins. 

Understand Benchmarks

Another area where pulse surveys excel is helping you to understand benchmarks within the organization. Pulse surveys are good for understanding benchmarks because they allow you to compare results over time. With more time to examine multiple results, it’s much easier to see which areas need improvement, and where your employees are feeling positive or negative.

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This is especially useful if your company has other types of feedback initiatives in place (like meetings, exit interviews, and social recognition). Building your survey around the benchmarks you want to understand, and then using powerful data analysis and/or AI to help you assess the results can help you build a stronger team at your company.

Improve Diversity and Inclusion

Reasons To Use Pulse Surveys To Get Employee Feedback

Pulse surveys are a great way to improve diversity and inclusion within your company and among your teams. Diversity and inclusion are important to achieving success and growth well into the future. Most of the time, D & I initiatives are baked into a company’s culture, mission, and goals. By utilizing a truly unique and distinct workforce, you can build a better competitive edge and thrive in any industry. Unique voice matters and can help build not only a better workforce but happier clientele.

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Bringing new voices and having employees from different backgrounds and viewpoints is key to any success. Administering pulse surveys with questions that help people develop a better sense of inclusion is critical. Building your survey around questions that help you gauge the diversity of your crew can help you build a stronger team. At the end of the day, using pulse surveys for understanding your employees is an essential part of the puzzle for being a successful organization in 2022 and beyond.

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