7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Use Wix

wix ADI feature Reasons Why Small Businesses Use Wix

Small businesses are vital to the US economy. Despite their size, small businesses contribute greatly to many industries and provide employment to millions of people. In fact, the Small Business Administration reported that in 2021, there were over 61 million small business employees across the US.

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Small businesses have a lot to consider when it comes to their online presence. Many businesses derive a large portion of their revenue from the online space, whilst others garner awareness and attraction from their online presence.

The business website is, therefore, a vital part of business operations. There are many website builders available to businesses. Wix is a website builder that many small businesses use to set up and host their website. 

The Really Useful Information Company, or TRUiC, has created a Wix website builder review, and also has a variety of other information available to small businesses.

Why Small Businesses Use Wix

1. The Pricing 

Wix has a basic plan for $14 per month. With this plan, users are provided with a custom domain without the inclusion of Wix branding. In addition to this, the domain is free for the first year. This plan offers basic storage, as well as website features and tools.

If users want a more comprehensive service, they need to look at the extended range of plans. Wix is different to other website builders, as it has two categories of plans: the website plans, and plans for websites with e-commerce. The plans in the extended range are the Unlimited Plan for 18$ per month, the Pro Plan for $23 per month, and the VIP Plan for $39 per month.

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These plans each offer more features that were not included in the previous plan. The e-commerce plans operate in a similar way, except they have the added functions necessary for e-commerce. Including the e-commerce packages, this makes Wix’s price range between $14 and $49 per month. Whilst this may be more expensive than other builders’ plans, it is important to note what comes with each plan available. 

2. Good Standard Plan

The Wix standard plan, also known as the Combo Plan, is the cheapest of the plans available on the platform. Despite its affordable price, the Combo Plan offers a decent amount of tools, features and options for customization. Each Combo Plan comes equipped with 3GB of storage space, which is enough for a basic business website for small businesses.

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Importantly, this plan allows for a custom domain name that does not come attached with branding or advertisements. This domain is free for a year, which is rare for website builders to offer. Users can also access the mobile app with this plan, and perform basic edits to the website. Like all other plans, this one allows users to choose from hundreds of templates and perform customization. 

3. Appeal to Creatives

Wix places a large emphasis on creativity and versatility. Users can expect to be able to play with templates and find a variety of styles that could work for their business website. Many website builders do not offer nearly as many templates as Wix, and often do not include certain templates in the more basic plans. Wix gives users the freedom to express their brand identity through its website. 

4. Has a Free Option

Like many website builders, Wix has a free option. This plan is limited, and users are subject to Wix branding and advertisements. Users can become acquainted with the Wix builder, and test out editing functions and tools. 

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It is important to note that this option is not the best plan to use for small businesses. However, it is a good tool for establishing whether Wix is the right builder for a business’s website. Similarly, small businesses can test out templates and look, and see what works before actually purchasing a domain and a specific website plan. 

5. Easy to Use

Out of all the website builders available, Wix is one of the more simple, user friendly, and intuitive options. It also does not take a long time to have an operating website. The hundreds of templates that the builder has makes it easy for businesses to create a unique look and feel for their website. 

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Wix asks a variety of questions in the sign-up process, and this ensures that the builder understands each individual business and its goals. This allows the builder to suggest certain templates and features. Users can then optimize and customize the templates by changing the colours, layout and images used. These templates can be changed at any time, and it is not difficult to do so. 

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Wix’s simplicity is that it does not require tremendous experience with website building, and is an easy platform to pick up on. 

6. Variety of Tools

Wix has a number of plans available, and this means that the website builder has a wide range of capabilities and tools. If small businesses choose to use the e-commerce plans, they will have access to a unique e-commerce platform. This will include online payment options and tools.

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Most of the website plans offer online booking tools and ordering tools, as well as tools for analytics and metrics. Every plan has tools for customization, like font changes, colour changes, and template changes. Some plans provide tools for marketing and SEO management. This makes Wix a great choice for small businesses as they can access a significant amount of tools, depending on their chosen plan.

7. Support

Though Wix is not known for having the best support amongst website builders, it does have a variety of resources available for users to access. These resources can help users solve problems and find solutions themselves. Videos and guides are available as well, as this can provide even more insight into issues.

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If businesses need additional support, Wix does have a 24/7 support channel, however, it is important to know that this support is usually outsourced. The more premium plans offer priority support, and this means that active issues are pushed to the top of the inquiry pile. This would mean that support would be provided sooner than on other plans. 

Final Thoughts 

With the advancements in technology and the digital age, websites are a crucial aspect of any business. This is why it is important for small businesses to choose a website creator that will cater to their specific needs and will set them up in the digital sphere.

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Wix is one of the top website builders on the market due to the variety of tools, good pricing and extensive support. While building a website can seem like an overwhelming prospect, the 7 above-mentioned reasons make Wix the main pick for entrepreneurs who wish to succeed. 

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