Redmi Note 4 VS LeEco Le 2 : Detailed Comparison


The smartphone industries are changing so frequently and on a weekly basis we can see one or company launching some of their devices in market continuously. After the great success of LeEco Le 1s, LeEco comes with its new Budget Phone i.e. LeEco Le 2 in the market, but there is already a competitor in a budget segment which is Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, but Xiaomi has already launched their new successor of its previous device which is Redmi Note 4. Now the question is Redmi Note 4 vs Le2 Which one is best? Which Phone should you buy? So, Let’s find it out…

Build Quality and Design


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These days when we are in search of any new smartphone design and selfie camera plays a vital role in it, and all must be in the budget as well. Most of the consumer don’t want a flat plastic phone with big hardware specs. They prefer more attractive design, curve, and some excellent build quality. Now coming to both the phones, we have a premium metal build which looks great in both of them. LeEco Le 2 as well as Redmi Note 4 both of them looks stunning because this time Xiaomi has changed its design statement by removing the oval feel and giving side curves to add better grip.

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Both the devices have great built as well as design so that I won’t be complaining anything about it like in the previous model of Xiaomi, and there was some design issue.

redmi-note-4-vs-le-2-techniblogic-volume-buttonsAs we come to the right side of both the devices, they both has power lock key as well as volume control buttons with a good metallic finish on it. These buttons provide proper tactile feel while you press them continuously. There is no patterned feel on buttons, on any of the devices.

redmi-note-4-vs-le-2-techniblogic-charging-portAt the bottom of both the devices ,Le 2 comes with a Type-C charging port, Loud Speaker and primary mic, whereas Redmi Note 4 has a Micro USB Charging Port with added feature of MediaTek PumpExpress 2.0 technology for fast charging, they have also added Dual Speaker Grill out of which only right one is having actual speaker whereas the left one is having the MIC in it. But still Le 2 takes a lead, as you get the ability of for super fast charging using USB Type-C Port as well as you can listen high-quality lossless audio from that USB Type-c Port as it also supports CDLA, which is arguably more future proof (CDLA me be a drawback for some of the users because we cannot charge the device at the same time we are listening to our favourite music Via same port.)

redmi-note-4-vs-le-2-techniblogic-sim-trayLe 2 has a Dual SIM tray on the left side, yes it is not having any hybrid tray you can’t add SD card to it. But where as in Redmi Note 4 you will get a hybrid tray in which you can add 2 sims or 1 sim + Sd card upto 256GB, which means you are never going to run out of memory in this phone. So here we have our clear winner which is Redmi Note 4 because of is expandable storage capacity.

redmi-note-4-vs-le-2-techniblogic-topNow when we see the top of both the phones, you may find something missing in Le 2 which is 3.5mm jack as they have added CDLA technology in their USB Type-C port which can help you to listen lossless high quality of music. Other than this both phones come with IR blaster on the top which works fine, but on Le 2 it is much easier to connect because of its Universal Remote app, you can even connect an AC (Air-conditioner) remote with it, But when we come to Redmi Note 4 Remote, there are so many devices which are preloaded in the application but still there are many devices which we cannot find in the app due to which we cannot control some of those devices using our Redmi Note 4. This issue can be easily fixed just by sending the app update in the near future. So, as of now Le2 is the winner in this case also.


redmi-note-4-vs-le-2-techniblogic-frontBoth the devices offer a 1080p display with 5.5 inches screen size. As we compare to higher brightness level, this time both are same. Redmi Note 4 as well as LeEco Le2 are having an even same pixel density of 401ppi. As per my views, I won’t find any difference between the display quality and colors on both the phones. They both has Deep Black and great colors which will make watching movies and playing games a nice experience.

Viewing Angles of both the devices seem to be same because I was unable to find any difference while watching movies on both the phones. So, here we have a tie between both the phones.

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Performance & Speed Test


The Performance of any smartphone depends on a processor which is there. The Le 2 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 MSM8976 where as in Redmi Note 4 it comes with Helio X20 which is a first of its Deca-Core Processor in the market. In the case of performance Le 2 and Redmi Note 4 performs hand in hand with no difference. But the real performance and speed of the handset depend on the OS which it is running. Xiaomi MIUI is very smooth and fast in terms of memory management and optimizations whereas LeEco is working hard on their eUI to be the best in the market. They are giving additional services which they are calling Le Membership worth Rs 4,900 for Free in which you can watch premium movies, Live TV shows for Free. But still, Redmi Note 4 and its MIUI 8 awesome features make me attract towards it.

This time in Redmi Note 4 they have added two different modes in performance which you can switch as per your usage. If you want to do some high-end gaming stuff switch to performance mode where as for normal use you may set the device on normal mode which also increases its battery life.


LeEco comes with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of inbuilt storage which is not expandable where as Redmi Note 4 comes with 3GB ram and 64GB of inbuilt storage which is also expandable to upto 256GB which in this case make the Redmi Note 4 winner (We have not tested Redmi Note 4 2GB RAM Version).

Overall performance on both the device are great. I have also tested the Antutu score where the clear winner was Le 2, but in daily usage and multi-tasking, gaming I won’t find any kind of difference in both of them. They both can handle any high-end stuff with no smudging and lag in performance.

Benchmark Le 2 Score Redmi Note 3 Score
Antutu 81118 74491



LeEco here come with 16MP rear camera whereas Redmi Note 4 this times has 13MP rear camera and both of them shots really good images in different lighting conditions. But this times Redmi Note 4 back camera is slightly better compared to Le2, Color, bokeh effect, saturation all are much better on Redmi Note 4, even the camera application of Redmi Note 4 is much better. Coming to the video part Le 2 has a single lead over here as it supports 4k recording which takes high quality of video, but still video recording on Redmi Note 4 back camera is much better because of OIS which is present in the phone, whereas LeEco has no OIS in there phone. This makes Redmi Note 4 the clear winner in Rear Camera performance.

As we move to the front , Le 2 has 8MP camera whereas Redmi Note 4 has only 5MP Camera. But when we compare Redmi Note 4 front camera with LeEco Le2 front Camera, Le2 is the clear winner over here. I don’t know how but yes, LeEco has better front facing camera clarity compare to redmi note 4.

So, now its your choice which one to go, better selfie camera or better back camera.



Before we end the comparison, let’s take a look at the battery of these two smartphones. Redmi Note 4 offers 4100mAh capacity battery where as Le 2 offers only 3000mAh capacity battery, which is relatively quite lower when compared to Redmi Note 4. Redmi Note 4 has a bigger battery but other than this you will get Fast Charging support in Le 2 which is really very helpful to charge your phone in 60 to 70mins (0-100%). But still comparing the battery life of both the phones Redmi Note 4 is the clear winner over here.


As per my views both the devices are great and both the companies have done a whole lot of research while designing and constructing the final product. Both has some of the pros and some of the cons like Redmi Note 4 has better rear camera whereas Le2 has a better front facing camera. Redmi Note 4 has better battery life whereas Le2 has Fast Charging.

So, do let me know what are your views about both the device and which will you prefer and why while choosing any one of them.

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