How To Repair Corrupt Video Files For Free

How To repair corrupt video files for free
How To repair corrupt video files for free

You go to the park or see a beautiful sunset, what is the first thing you do? You take a video to post on Instagram or shoot a boomerang of your dog playing around.  Video is the leader of content, in all senses of marketing, recording, playback, or blogging, it leads the way to a new tomorrow. If in case your video file gets corrupt what is the next thing which you are going to do. So here we are going to explain how to repair corrupt video files.

Videos are shot in different formats, commonly the mp4 format and on mobile phones, since it is easier to catch a moment on the go with your go-to portable and high-tech pocket device.

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But then again, what do you do when you shoot a lengthy one-hour video with plans to edit it into multiple social media posts for your audience but when you try, it fails to load on your desktop? What do you do when your mom asks you to show her your graduation ceremony video since she couldn’t attend it but your mom displays ‘Can’t play mp4 video’? Do you wonder how to fix corrupted video files mp4 format once your computer screen pop-up blocks video play?

Well, you do what common sense suggests, you go for an mp4 video repair. Going for repairing mp4 files is the easiest option and most logical conclusion when your precious video seems to not work.

However, it’s important to first understand why the video isn’t playing?

  1. You or whoever responsible shot the video on a lower battery cell phone or camera, thinking that it won’t be a problem, but it always is. It is the reason why you will look for digital video repair in order to save the video.
  2. You either downloaded the video from a malware filed website or transferred it from a virus encrypted phone, allowing the video to be containing virus and obstructing its functioning. This gets specifically common when you download online or try to transfer videos from a USB device which isn’t yours.
  3. The file format might be incorrect (mp4 is always the safest bet) or the command might have errors in reading or writing.
  4. Either you lack a proper media player which is the latest version of the video that isn’t compatible with your computer codec. So, to repair the mp4 file, you have to look both at the media player and at the video as well.

Once there is a root cause and effect analysis done, you must move on to the cure next. In fact, you don’t even have to pay for this cure. Mostly, there are options to fix corrupted mp4 files for free and via simple techniques, so don’t wait and start to fix corrupt mp4 files immediately!

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How To Repair Corrupt Video Files For Free

How To repair corrupt video files for free
How To repair corrupt video files for free

1. Use different software as the player

Many times, the default Windows or Macbook media player might not read or process your video properly. Hence, go for the best bet and install VLC player via their safe website. On VLC, you can change the format of files, fix input codec issues, and then replay the corrupted file. It is just a few steps and you can fix mp4 files in a few minutes.

2. Try a repair tool

There are actually a few tools like RecoverIt or commonly called the mp4 video repair tool, which directly repair your damaged video, in any format, once you upload it on their portal. Upload, click repair, and download, it is as easy as it is said. In fact, there are advanced options too in case you don’t want to use VLC or download any risky malware filled software on your desktop.

3. Check your device

As we said, it is always a good backup to keep an eye for your media playing device. Ensure you have the latest system which is compatible with your video format, the antivirus is up to date and working well and you have a couple of media players installed to ensure any video can be accessible. Also, store your video in multiple spaces, like your PC hard drive, online cloud, or a USB as well, just in case anything goes haywire with one of those devices and you need a quick mp4 fix.

4. Try a transfer

You can always copy the video file in a couple of other devices like a friend’s computer or mobile phone and see if it plays there. Also, try renaming a file and storing it in another computer drive, in a different format and then replay it. This way you do not have to do a direct Kernel video repair and you can end up with a solution.

So, now you know how to repair corrupted mp4 files for free, you won’t have to worry about an error on screen after you spent hours shooting a video or finding a movie online. To find repair mp4 video files freeware via these techniques is effective and efficient, for a beginner or even a tech expert.

However, also note, if nothing works, it is either time to ditch the video and find a new one or it is time to seek out a professional in this arena. If the file that is damaged contains important matter, pick the later to repair MP4 files and see if the damage can be reversed by an expert.

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