Resso App Review – Best Music App in India by Tiktok

Resso App Review - Best Music App
Resso Music app

Here is Resso App Review in which I have compared this New Social Music Streaming App by Tiktok with other Online Music apps in the market. Before starting comparing first know about Resso Music App. With around 200 million users, Tik Tok is the most widely used application. The application is used and enjoyed by all age groups. TikTok is a platform that allows people to create funny, lip-synced versions of clips from well-known songs and then share them with friends and family. Recently, there is this new application, which is trending, and it has been installed by approximately 1 million App Store and Google Play users. The application is named Resso, and it is the first standalone full music streaming App, by TikTok’s owner, China’s ByteDance. The App was first released in India, and it doesn’t have any direct connection with its sister app, Tik-Tok. Resso is published by “Moon video” on Google Play.

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Resso app is a SOCIAL MUSIC STREAMING APPLICATION, through this application, users are empowered to share lyrics, comments, and other user-generated content with each other. Users get access to full-length tracks of music which they can share and recommend to others. To everyone’s surprise, the music begins to autoplay as soon as we open the application.

Resso App Review - Best Music App

Currently, Resso has secured licensing deals with-

  1. Sony Music Entertainment
  2. Warner Music Group
  3. Merlin and Beggars Group
  4. T-Series
  5. Saregama
  6. Zee Music
  7. YRF Music
  8. Times Music
  9. Tips
  10. Venus and Shemaroo
  11. Speed Records
  12. Anand Audio
  13. Lahiri Musi
  14. Divo and Muzik, 247.

Though Tik-Tok and Resso share the same owner yet both of them are built on a different model. Where Tik-Tok is free to use and is built-on ad-based model, the sister app, Resso, follows the premium route that is supported by other big music applications, such as Spotify.

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Resso, by default, plays relevant videos in the background whenever a song is playing. Where-as users can also change and add their own background to the music while playing. Users can comment and read the lyrics of the songs. The user interface of this application is designed to convince users to share lyrics directly on other platforms, which include- WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and of course, TikTok. Users can also interact with the songs in a whole new way with gifs, images, and videos; Upload videos, gifs or pictures to share your feelings on your favorite tracks. They even get the chance to create playlists of their favorite songs that they can share with the community.

Resso Music App Features

  • Your Songs, Your Creativity.
  • Interact with the songs a whole new way with gifs, images, and videos; Upload videos,  gifs, or pictures to share your feelings on your favorite tracks.
  • Your Mood, Your Words.
  • Check out the synchronized lyrics of your favorite tracks. Express your mood by selecting your favorite lyric quote and sharing it on your social media accounts.
  • Your Playlists, Your Community.
  • Create playlists of your favorite songs and let the community discover your music
    Your Music, Your Thoughts.

Resso App, for the most part, works just like your other music streaming services, but the point at which it differentiates itself is; They emphasis here is on sharing what you’re listening to.

The package in Detail

  • Free Plan includes some ads as well as limits streaming quality to 128 kbps.
  • Premium Plan includes a completely ad-free interface, and it also boosts streaming to 256 kbps as well as includes downloads and the ability to skip tracks and costs INR 99/month ($1.35/month) on Android and INR 119/month ($1.62) on iOS.

What’s different from other Music Streaming Apps!

We have seen so many applications that actually work like the same like we see in the Resso music streaming App but why this App is going to stand out of the line from other competitors available in the market. So in the market, we are already using several, music streaming application like:

Jio Saavan

JioSaavn announces launch of new ad experiences

Jio Saavan was started in the year 2007, and after a few years, the company was merged by Jio music and is being renamed as JioSaavn. As per the company, JioSaavn has more than 45 million song collections, which include multiple languages like English, Hindi and Tamil, and some other Indian languages. This is not enough. Reliance Jio users can also use this App to set their Jio caller tunes that too free. Now, this is amazing when you a collection of over 45 million songs, and you can set the same as your caller tune. The business model is premium plans which work without advertisements and start from ₹99/month onward. We only get a trial free period for 90 days.


Gaana enhances music streaming experience from Facebook

Gaana is yet another new popular app that offers you good, free music and unlimited access to your favorite songs on a quick, perky application. You can practically dig up any song by its title or even genre on your mobile phone anytime, anyplace on the Gaana app.
From trending Bollywood numbers, old classics to regional songs – they have it all, and they have it right. Along with these, have fun listening to millions of Hindi, English, Tamil, Telegu, Punjabi, Oriya, Bengali and other regional songs on your mobile. The application was launched in April 2010, is the leading music streaming app service in India with 100 Million+ monthly users. The business model is also freemium and gaana plus plans, which start from ₹ 99/month onward. Paid subscription plan includes HD music streaming, ad-free music experience, offline download of unlimited songs.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Now, this is another fantastic music streaming application that starts at  Rs. 129/month onwards; if you do not have Amazon prime members, if you already have Amazon prime membership, you don’t need a separate purchase for the same. Amazon also owned a voice assistant who is Alexa and is also being integrated with the App for better search results and user experience.

Wynk Music

Wynk is a free music application for Android and iOS users. The collection of free music found here is pretty amazing. You can find your favorite number by accessing search and conveniently listen to it offline. You can search by genre – emotional, pop, bhangra, Bollywood, old romantic, retro etc. or simply by its title. Regional language music like Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu, or Gujarati is also not far off reach through search on the Wynk Music app.


Spotify: The New Age Music Streaming War

Spotify is a majorly popular music streaming application for the majority of people. This App includes an exciting hub along with BBC’s playlist services, with around 20 million tracks available for regular streaming. You can expect to find absolute privacy as compared to any other music app out there. When you are connected with your social media profiles, it will automatically keep sharing your current playlist.
Desktop access for Spotify is free, but mobile use requires payment. It will cost you around $12.99 a month with ads removed on the paid version.

YouTube Music

How to Download Music from YoutubeThis application has the maximum music collection than any other online music streaming application. All language available in the world and everything Youtube has they have installed in Youtube Music. Youtube Music is probably the biggest threat to other music streaming apps. YouTube music paid Plan that includes ad-free music streaming skipping & scrubbing, offline & background playback & 256 bits/sec starts from ₹ 99/month onwards. The most significant advantage for YouTube music is the option of having video and music playback in the same App.

Apple Music

Apple Music

Now, this is what everyone knows about, Apple music, which has its music & video streaming service is available over 100 countries. The service initially started with a music streaming service and later expanded into video streaming service also as per consumer demand. Apple music has 50 million+ song listings and has the advantage of being streamed in Apple car play. Coming to the paid subscription plans with Apple music, we have to pay ₹ 49/month onwards with a free 3 month trial period. Available in iTunes and for iOS and Android devices.

Hungama Music

Hungama music is owned by, which is South Asia’s largest digital media entertainment company. A user can find songs from old Hindi classics to international jams and all major Indian languages at one place. The music streaming app is available across 47+ countries with 20 million+ users under its belt. The pro plan is available for Rs. 99/month onward for an ad-free streaming experience and unlimited downloads.

Resso vs Jio Saavan vs Gaana vs Amazon Music vs Wynk vs Spotify vs YouTube Music vs Apple Music vs Hungama Music

Premium PlansFree PlanPer Month
Per Year
Resso appwith ads₹99
Jio Saavanads with jio plan₹99₹399
Gaanawith ads₹99₹399
Amazon Music₹129₹999
Wynkfree with airtel₹129
Spotifywith ads₹119₹1189
YouTube Music₹129
Apple Music₹99
Hungama Musicwith ads₹99₹499

Why I choose Resso Music app?

So, now there comes another Music streaming application in the market by TikTok owner, which is Resso Music App. Resso Music App is not just a online music streaming application but also a Music Streming online social media platform where you can comment about your thought on that particular song. You can even share the songs on any social media platform. You can make friends and also chat with them on this specific Application. Resso Music App has an AI feature that senses your music taste and plays what you actually like to listen to. Overall Resso music app is having a new clean, and better experience than other music streaming application which we are using.

Resso App Review in HINDI


So here is the quick Resso App Review, my final thoughts about this latest music app that Resso music app’s pricing in India is decent if you want the best music quality with an excellent User interface. In India, the market for music streaming application is quite competitive. Resso will not compete with Spotify, but it will also be competing against Gaana, JioSaavn, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. Although, Resso offers near-identical catalog with a lot of the currently streaming services in India, yet, no other streaming application can convince the users to “express and engage,” like Resso. Resso focuses on empowering the artists to reinvent their catalog by providing a fresh way for fans to engage with their music and introduces them to new listeners. I hope you like our Resso App Review. It is really a nice app to go with.

If you want to use this application other than launched country you can always download and use the Resso Music App from here.

If you have any suggestions for Resso App Review, feel free to contact us at [email protected], we always welcome new ideas. Thank you, and stay subscribed for more content.

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