Roidmi F8: Lightest & Most Powerful Cordless Vacuum

Roidmi F8: Lightest & Most Powerful Cordless Vacuum

We all are well aware of how traditional vacuum cleaners are designed, and that they are bulky and have cords and are not portable. So, to provide ease to users a product called Roidmi F8 is designed. It is the world’s first high-performance vacuum cleaner, that’s light-weight and does not require any cord or connection, it works with the help of battery that lasts for about 55 minutes, on one charge.

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What makes this product a smart product is that it is compatible with Roidmi Intelligent Life App. You can connect the vacuum cleaner with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The app helps you to notify about the amount of battery remaining and filter capacity.

How do Roidmi F8 works?

The device uses latest F8 Storm vacuum cleaner, which is basically a combination of powerful suction and lightweight construction. It’s powered by a 100,000-rpm brushless DC motor to generate high and strong suction power, which results in generating the adequate amount of centrifugal air pressure, the amount of centrifugal air pressure generated is enough to effectively remove the dust from the ground.


  1. It has a four-layer filtration which intercepts hair, dust, allergens and dirt, resulting in cleaner air.
  2. It has a variety of changeable cleaning heads and tools which helps in any kind of cleaning chore.
  3. It has an anti-mite brush to clean mattress to remove mites, germs, hair, and dander from deep within fabrics.
  4. It has an innovative magnetic holder for 2-in-1 charging and storing.

Why should one go for Roidmi F8?

Roidmi F8: Lightest & Most Powerful Cordless VacuumApart from all the above-mentioned features, the best thing about this product is that it costs about half of what you’d find on the market for this type of high-performance vacuum cleaner.  So, it is a cost-effective product with high functionalities. That’s enough reason to have it.


You can buy this innovative vacuum cleaner from at a minimal cost of 289 USD. So, hurry up because they got a limited stock.

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