Scoop develops AI-powered conversational analytics platform

Scoop - Conversation Intelligence for Sales

A Mumbai based startup company called Scoop has now finally developed an Artificial Powered conversational analytics platform is designed to help the inside sales teams to maximize sales conversion optimization. As per the company, Scoop is the startup that uses Machine learning to filter insights from customer conversations through voice, video, ad text sources to uncover all the sales opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence developed by Scoop will be used to mine the insights and these insights mined by AI can be helpful to coach sales representatives by helping them to win more deals with more efficient conversations over time. We all know that conversations between a sales representative and a customer are a warehouse of valuable and important information that usually are not used. So, Scoop makes sure that all the conversations are transcribed and searchable which are then filtered and mined by the machine learning algorithm to discover unique market insights. The information collected can further be analyzed to prepare a personalized coaching plan which can be shared with the representative so that can understand the reasons why deals are won or lost. Scoop’s main aim is to use this conversational analytical data to understand the key problem behind the loss of any deal and eventually skyrocket their conversations.

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Veer Chand Bothra, the co-founder of Scoop said that the enterprises have CRMs to address multiple customer problems and there is a need to go beyond that. He also added that the conversation between representative and customer contains a ton of hidden details which CRM fails to discover. And, by analyzing the conversation between representative and customer will help the company to win over customers.

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