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Content Marketing Statistics from CMT Study
Source: Content Marketing Institute

2017 is the watershed year for content marketing.

From wary buyers warming up to the idea of content sharing and businesses understanding the necessity for reaching out to consumers through modern mode of marketing, a.k.a content marketing, the industry grows leaps and bounds.

The blogging segment is an important dimension to the content marketing segment and today we are going to learn why your affiliate marketing content isn’t generating any or substantial results.

As you are aware, affiliate sales through blog content is an important source of revenue for a number of bloggers. On one hand, you see bloggers earning thousands of dollars every month and on the other hand, there are people like you who aren’t able to generate good number of sales.

What is Content Marketing?

Since 2011, content marketing started seeing an upward trend. From its importance in SEO to enhancing business reach, every marketer utilizes content.

As such, every business needs to employ an adequate and strategized content marketing plan. Contently says:

“The overarching practice of using information and entertainment to promote a brand or product” is defined as content marketing.

In comparison to the 60% business owners who desired to use content-based marketing in 2013, the number rises to a whopping 93% in 2014, says a survey report from Content Marketing Institute.

The figures are staggering and being a blog owner, you should take advantage of the exponentially growing trend.

Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing has outsmarted the role of a salesman. Many research reports indicate the preference of consumers for custom content.

Here are some reasons highlighting the importance of content marketing, indirectly necessitating its unavoidable presence with any online business.

1) According to TMG Custom Media, more than 75% of consumers believe that businesses delivering custom content have greater interest in building relationships with the consumer. What kind of custom content? For instance, if you’re a real estate professional, email flyers about nearest homes for sale/rent won’t find many takers but using the same email communication channel to help the targeted market understand the importance of real estate financing concepts or DIY projects will find more favor.

2) According to The CMA, 68% consumers prefer to read content of their preferred brands. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an editorial or a typical ‘how to’ post, the content needs to be informative.

3) Again, according TMG Custom Media, 90% of consumers love to engage with custom content. Content is classified as ‘custom’ made when it is created keeping only the targeted audience in mind. Custom content isn’t a sales pitch but informative and engaging content helping consumers.

4) According to Marketing Tech Blog, out of every 10 consumers, 7 of them prefer to acknowledge a company through their content (articles, videos, images and other forms) than just advertisements. As such, 61% of consumers also prefer companies that deliver custom content. It helps to build stronger consumer relationship and build business through referrals.

5) According to Content Marketing Institute, 23% of the time spent by a user online is devoted towards blogs and social media channels. Users prefer social media channels to seek and read quality content. If your business isn’t social, start now!

6) According to Content+, one of the top 3 reasons for people to follow and engage with a brand on social media is “content”. Adept content marketing strategies helps to reach new potential consumers and build an engaging business community.

The reason for quoting all the facts and figures is to draw the importance of content marketing globally. Content or custom content or targeted content is one of the best ways to reach a certain consumer segment, which in this case is people who are interested to buy from your blog through affiliate marketing links.

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