Shopping for the Best Flagship in the Year 2016

Shopping for the Best Flagship in the Year 2016

Each smartphone company has a flagship that will mark the brand and which many will like. However, with so many phones to choose from, it comes as no surprise that people have a hard time finding the perfect one for yourself. Keep in mind that mobile phones are changing at a rapid speed, making it impossible to stay with one for a longer time. This is only an indicator that you should pick your phone carefully, as chances are that you will be looking for a new one. Nevertheless, flagship signature phones are going to come equipped with new technology and abilities to amaze you.Best Smartphone Flagship in the Year 2016


One of the More Prominent Candidates

Going for the LG G4, you cannot make a wrong decision. Not only is it a stylish phone, but it has many goodies hidden. It will take some time to unravel its many new features which will make your life a lot easier. However, for most people, the battery life might be a deterrent, as the phones will last some time, though it will be unable to keep at it for long. Its great screen size will allow you to view your images and videos in sharp HD. LG is keeping it faithful with their edgy and sharp design that gives this phone its amazing looks, and its recognizable appeal as well.

iPhone 6S

Going With What Everyone Likes

iPhones are generally a good choice, if you want a reliable and trustworthy phone. Though, you need to make sure that you do not get a botched one, because it could get locked, and your phone becomes unusable. Fortunately, there are many services which will be able to help you, i.e. Sydney-based iPhone repairs will be able to provide you with a myriad of useful advice. Then again, if you need to your phone fix for any reason, it would be wise to visit them, as they will have great knowledge on how to go about most problems. Be sure to take good care of your phone, as repairing it might get costly.

Nexus 6P

Google Is Stepping It up With a New Generation Phone

Make sure to give googles second generation phone-tablet a chance as well. With this phone, you will be able to fully customize your Android experience. The Nexus 6P is an amazing piece of hardware meets software that could be your new phone. Depending on what you need your phone for, this masterpiece will come equipped with tons of features which might come in handy. Then again, the lack of some qualities which competitor phones have might be a huge disadvantage, especially if you consider the price of the phone.

Even though the year has just begun, already, you have a large selection of phones to choose from. Be sure to take into consideration your needs, and your budget when opting for a new phone, because some might be too pricey. Bear in mind that go with a trusted brand, because new faces in the business could be risky to trust. Before you make your choice though, consider what the competitors are offering, and what makes their flagship phone better than the rest. Being loyal to a certain brand might prove dicey if they have not made a good phone in the near-past.

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