This Smart Headband will Reduce your Migrane in Minutes

This Smart Headband will Reduce your Migrane in Minutes

A migraine is a headache varying intensity often accomplished by nausea and sensitivity to lights, and it’s a very serious health issue. The people who suffer a migraine are constantly depressed and going to a doctor is their only choice. Well, we are not here to replace your medical necessity but you can do some remedies to self-cure yourself.

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So far, technology has always been a boon to medical science, and now it is a small gift of technology that we have prolivio. Prolivio is a device which is used by migraine sufferers to relieve their most painful migraine symptoms.

How do prolivio works?

Prolivio is a hyper cooling headband that uses a pain management system, that helps users to track potential migraine trigger through a smartphone app. This device provides cold therapy that reduces the discomfort, which is caused by a migraine.

You can control the temperature of the device either by using a smartphone app or sometimes the device has the control of temperature by itself. Talking about science; this device uses simple physics to rapidly lower the temperature of any surface it touches.


  1. Prolivio is the coolest headband available for migraine patients.
  2. This band fits nearly all head. It also has an adjustable strap in order to provide a comfortable fit.
  3. You can use this band anywhere and at any time.

Why should one go for prolivio headbands?

Prolivio is safe for all ages. Everyone who is suffering either from a chronic migraine or needs a source of cooling relief must go for this device. It’s affordable and hassle-free.


So far the product is still in development phase, for more information on the launch check out their website.

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