Sony Introduces Open-back Monitor Headphones For Spatial Sound Creation

Sony Introduces Open-back Monitor Headphones For Spatial Sound Creation

Sony has introduced the MDR-MV1 Reference Monitor Headphones, which are intended for use by audio engineers and composers in a professional setting. The headphones have a great sound quality and are durable and dependable. Because of their open-back design, they can accurately reproduce a large soundstage, making them a good choice for mixing and mastering spatial audio formats like 360 Reality Audio and high-resolution stereo.

Sony also unveiled the C-80, a unidirectional condenser microphone designed for use in home studios and suitable for recording voice or instruments, as well as video blogging, webcasting, and podcasting. This new device makes high-quality audio more accessible by drawing on the same technology used in Sony’s acclaimed C-800G and widely used C-100 microphones.

Shohei Toyoda, Sony India’s Head of Audio Business, said, “With the rise in spatial sound and high-quality streaming music services, we are seeing a demand for headphones that can adaptably address and enrich all of these immersive needs.” The MDR-MV1 is a sleek and versatile new alternative for home or studio usage, and it showcases Sony’s rich history in the audio industry. The headphones put the user’s comfort first, include excellent examples of Sony’s workmanship, and last for years while giving listeners the chance to hear music the way the composer intended.

MDR-MV1 Headphones

Sound Characteristics

Clear, high-resolution, nuanced sound with a super-wide frequency range and realistic soundstage are just some of the benefits of the MDR-MV1’s state-of-the-art audio technology. The headphones’ custom-built speaker units are capable of reproducing an extremely broad frequency range (from 5 Hz to 80 kHz) with accurate treble.

This facilitates localisation, spaciousness, and granular alterations in sound processing for pros.  The headphones’ open back design minimises reflected sounds and minimises acoustic resonances, allowing for a faithful reproduction of the full, natural soundstage. Because of their dependable characteristics, they may be used in studios dedicated to mixing and mastering, meeting the stringent requirements of audio professionals.

Comfort and Design

The MDR-MV1 are designed to be used for long periods of time without causing any discomfort due to its ventilated earpads and other ergonomic features. The stereo mini-jack adaptor and machined aluminium connections on the MDR-MV1’s replaceable, detachable cable make it ideal for usage in the workplace.

C-80 Microphone

Key Features of the C-80

The C-80 takes cues from Sony’s legendary C-800G and best-selling C-100 microphones, borrowing the C-100’s capsule and incorporating the C-800G’s two-piece metallic anti-vibrational body construction. The microphone’s “Noise Elimination Construction” also eliminates acoustic vibration, leading to little background noise and crystal-clear recordings. The C-80 has a dual diaphragm design that reduces the proximity effect and provides more consistency while recording vocals from a distance.

Sonic Characteristics of the C-80

The C-80’s centred and powerful voice sound is a result of its tight and rich mid-range capture, which helps vocals stand out in a mix. By reducing boomy low frequencies and noise when the instrument is near to the microphone, the C-80 is able to produce a natural and clear recording of an instrument’s unique features like the sound of guitar strings and the resonance of the body.

Sony Headphone Price And Availability

Beginning on July 3, 2023, you may purchase the MDR-MV1 headphones and C-80 microphone at any of the Sony retail locations (Sony Centre and Sony Exclusive), the portal, any of the major electronic retailers in India, or any other e-commerce website.

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