‘Spice’ brand make a comeback in India as a joint venture with Transsion Holdings

‘Spice’ brand make a comeback in India

Transsion Holdings which was established in 2006, is a diversified hi-tech conglomerate well known for its leading technology brands which include TECNO, itel and Infinix. This global company announced a joint venture (JV) agreement with Spice Mobility, an integral part of Spice Group. With the help of this joint venture, Spice Mobility is said to make a comeback in the Indian market including Transsion’s multi-brand strategy. The JV was signed today by Mr Lin Qin, Vice-President of Transsion Holdings and Mr Dilip Modi, the executive chairman of Spice Mobility.

Spice used to be one of the popular mobile operators in India in 1998. A fragment of Spice Mobility i.e. Spice mobiles came into the market in 2004 and started disappearing from the shelves as several other mobile phone companies from China came with economical devices and gained popularity. This partnership aims to restore the ‘Spice Brand’ by including the strengths of both the companies to provide a new and influential experience to the users. These companies are looking for various strategies on the distribution of mobile phones throughout the country which is also focused on fulfilling the needs of the various users.

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“We are absolutely delighted to partner with Transsion Holdings. As a strategic partner, we believe this combines Spice’s legacy strength and Transsion’s global leadership to bring a whole new mobility experience to our consumers,” said Dilip Modi at today’s event shows that this agreement will provide the necessary features to promote and discover a new sense of digital experience.

The new logo of purple colour was unveiled today along with its philosophy- “Make sharing better” displaying the uniqueness of the products which are to be launched.

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