Staqu launches JARVIS: An AI-based video analytics platform across 70 Jails

Staqu launches JARVIS

Staqu is a Gurgaon based Artificial Intelligence startup. This startup aims to utilize technology in solving real-world problems. The startup makes use of AI and recently it has launched its video analytic platform named JARVIS, in Uttar Pradesh.

JARVIS is an AI-powered video analytics solution with a “Video Wall” that covers CCTV footage from all of 70 prisons of Uttar Pradesh. It is a first of its kind technology which is used by any prison department within the country. The start-up has concluded the first phase of integrating JARVIS in a record time of 1 month and the Phase 1 integration covers locations spread on a stretch of 900KMs. The video analytic tool is live with 700 cameras that monitor 70 prisons for multi-purpose analytics which include frisking, unauthorized access, crowd analysis, violence, FR, camera work, and intrusion detection. Jarvis will make sure to notify the law enforcement authorities immediately as soon as something unlawful is detected.

Atul Rai, Co-Founder & CEO of Staqu, said that it is a proud moment for the company that it has added another spectacular solution to our AI-powered homeland security technologies. He added that JARVIS is no longer a thing described in science fiction movies; the company is making an intelligent video analytic for India’s police force, starting with the first phase of integration in Uttar Pradesh. We have installed a super video wall in Lucknow that will be powered with our expertise in artificial intelligence. JARVIS will analyze the live footage from 70 UP Prisons and it will then provide actionable insights to the police forces. He finally concluded that the company is looking forward to conducting similar integration for JARVIS in the near future while empowering the Indian Police with advanced AI-enabled policing solutions.  

Staqu is currently working with eight states of UP police forces which include Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand, and Telangana.

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