Staqu Technologies Introduces JARVIS Heat Mapping: Revolutionising Audio-Video Data Analysis


Staqu Technologies, a frontrunner in the AI solutions market, has just released a groundbreaking new addition to its JARVIS platform: heat mapping. The heat mapping function, which monitors human activity through a live video feed, has several potential uses across a variety of sectors.

What is JARVIS by Staqu?

JARVIS is an audio-video analytics and management platform that uses AI, patents, and unique features to provide cutting-edge security and the best possible solution for businesses.

The retail sector is one that stands to gain significantly from this innovation. Customers’ movements, demographics, preferences, and suggestions for improving the store’s layout may all be gleaned through the heat mapping function included in JARVIS. It may also help with inventory management, consumer analytics, and the discovery of untapped income streams.

Mr. Atul Rai, founder and CEO of Staqu Technologies, claims that providing offline gamers with the JARVIS heat mapping function would level the playing field between offline and online businesses. We can assist firms in improving their customer experience and developing profitable business strategies by analysing and interpreting their data. Staqu Technologies is committed to maximising the value of already installed cameras by extracting insights that contribute to business growth. We are changing the world of business one insight at a time using JARVIS heat mapping.

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