Steatylock : Folding LOCK that will PROTECT Your BIKE


People spent a lot of time in picking the right bike to buy and it is important to keep it safe from the thieves and the blackguards when you’re not around. When buying a bicycle, one of the most important things to purchase alongside is a quality bike lock and you can count on seatylock for your bike’s safety. Seatylock is an amazing item if you plan to leave your joy unattended anytime.

How Steatylock Works?

Seatylock is the world’s first and only wearable folding lock. It is a comfortable bicycle seat that can be transformed into a sturdy lock. It includes a built-in lock which can be detached from the seat pole and is long enough to attach a bike to external objects as it unfolds into a one-meter long lock. Installation takes very less time.


  1. The saddle is your lock which is 16cm in width and 26cm in length.
  2. The lock length is one meter so that you can lock your bike with any solid object around you.
  3. The metal components are rust free and plastic cover is UV protected.
  4. It is an anti-drilling lock.
  5. The saddle’s floating construction makes it shock resistant.
  6. It includes three keys.
  7. It takes 10 seconds to turn into a lock and back to the saddle.
  8. It weighs 1.33 kg which is not at all heavy to carry.

Why should one go for SeatyLock?

Seatylock is easy to transport and install. It is an all-in-one secure bike lock which will definitely reduce the risk of someone stealing your bike. You never need to hassle with heavy inconvenient locks anymore. It will provide you with full comfort and security. There’s no longer the risk of having your saddle stolen.


SeatyLock is available on their official website, and the pricing start from just 99 USD. So, hurry up before the offer expires.

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