Taiwan Excellence showcases best in class technology products at Convergence India 2017

Taiwan Excellence

So, where we should start there are so many things which were there at Taiwan Excellence (#DrivingInnovation). It is an initiative by the Taiwanese government to promote products across globally in the world. They have mostly focused on IT (information technology), electronics and new innovative products which are never being seen by the world. Taiwan Excellence is committed towards their product quality, service and maintaining it to well-made standards. They believe in sharing the range of products which will sought out the problem off all customers and the ultimate user of the product. Taiwan Excellence covers a wide range of products under different brands.

Taiwan Excellence was started by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, in 1992 and till now, the symbol and the award are recognized in 100 countries. The badge of Taiwan Excellence is very hard to earn by the products and brands that show immense Excellence in Research & Design, Quality, Marketing, Manufacturing and entire supply chain.

So, recently Taiwan Excellence showcased their different brands and their different variety of products at Convergence India 2017 Exhibition held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. Each product which was exhibited has something unique feature in it.
One more thing, to get more engagement on the stall they all were running one or other type of competition. One which I remember was visitors need to take there selfie which the products which are displayed over there with specific logo and then they need to share the same on their social media.
The winner with maximum like and share will be awarded some surprise gift.
They were also running a lucky draw competition which was also a kind of feedback form.
I would say in the whole convergence 2017 this was the only stall having the maximum number of visitor and maximum engagement.

Now, starting with some of the products which were displayed over there.


Optoma Corporation (http://www.optoma.com) This was the first thing which will catch your eyes because this is the smallest size high definition projector. So, This is an ultra short throw projector W319UST and can project a 100″ image from less than 0.5 m away. It projects some great image quality which we see in large projectors and it also has an inbuilt 16W built-in.
For connectivity part, it includes two HDMI ports and an RJ45 port, beside it a monitoring port and external audio jack.


Edimax (http://www.edimax.com) which is a premium range Multi-Function Dual Band Wi-Fi Router BR-6288ACL. One thing i wanna mention is that of you don’t see the product from near by, it actually looks like a torch. It also has a high gain internal antenna for excellent Wi-Fi performance.


Another high-quality product on display was Heartway Medical Products (http://www.heartway.com.tw), after seeing the product first, I was unable to guess what actually it is and for what it is being used. It looks more like kid bike, but actually, it is a BRIO Power Scooter S19P. This is portable electric scooter which delivers high-end experience while riding on it. Though we don’t have permission to ride the scooter.


Now, they have also displayed Acer Swift 7 (World’s Thinnest Laptop) it is an ultrabook named Acer Swift 7, which only weighs 1.1 kgs with the thickness of 9.98mm only. It is the world’s first laptop which goes below the 1 cm thickness bar. With looks, it also comes with great power and is powered by 7th generation 1.2 GHz Intel Core i5-7Y54 processor, 8GB DDR3 Ram and supports 256GB SSD memory. It also has a Corning Gorilla Glass protection on it. I really like this product and hope to get one for the personal use.


They have also showcased Asus Devices over there. Which were their latest line up in the market? We have already reviewed all of them. They have showcased, best looking Zenfone 3,  Zenfone 3 Max and Zenfone 3 Ultra, which was best-looking devices of 2016.

Taiwan Excellence

Another system which comes up in the list is MSI GT73VR 6RF TITAN PRO and other MSI gaming laptop. The notebooks come with a 4K UHD screen and GTX 1080 GPU, and this combination makes it an “ultimate” gaming notebook.

Taiwan Excellence

Now, when all these experts are here then how gigabyte can be stated backside. So, Gigabyte has also showcased Gigabyte GB-BSi5HA-6200, which is a portable PC, system which can be attached with any kind of Screen. They are having different variants, which include a high-end model which is up to i7 6th generation and down to Intel Celeron. Whatever the budget is you can choose one for you, as per your usage.

Other than the these mentioned above, there were some other computing devices like USB devices, power supplies, cables, surveillance systems.
So, the overall Taiwan Excellence is focused more on promoting products and their quality. This Taiwan Excellence #DrivingInnovation is the effort made by Taiwanese government while will open the door for better trade between the two countries and will boost the economy in a better way.

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