Tapping the Popularity of Solar Power Systems

Popularity of Solar Power Systems

Though its not always a good idea to just jump on any trend, one of the best trends you should definitely jump on is that of installing solar energy. More homes are now transitioning to solar power from grid electricity, installing solar panels, or getting solar batteries. This is in search of a more sustainable source of energy that offers freedom from energy costs and flexibility to adjust to your lifestyle, no matter if you’re in California or in Texas. 

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However, not everyone knows about solar energy installations believing the system is too expensive and reserved for large homes. The truth couldn’t be simple; solar energy is one of the most widely used energy sources in the third world, and the overall costs for installations are greatly outweighed by the savings you’ll eventually make. 

What are Solar Energy Systems?

Solar power systems consist of solar panels, grid networks, inverters and batteries. Solar panels have photovoltaic cells which convert solar energy into electric currents. The electric currents flow through the grid networks as direct current, and the inverter then converts the direct current into usable alternating current. The batteries store the excess energy. 

What is a Hybrid System?

A Hybrid system is a better method of using solar energy whereby you can store the excess energy while using the rest throughout the house. Solar energy companies in California will only advise you to install a hybrid system if you are a heavy energy user and you have enough solar panels to meet your needs. However, if your area doesn’t have enough solar power, then you should maximize storing enough power during the day for use at night.

You should also consider maintaining some access to the grid, and this will require extra components and equipment to make a grid switch for your home. This is important in areas where the sunlight may be unreliable some times in the year, and therefore you need the option to easily switch between grid and solar power.

How to Use the Net Metering System

The net metering system allows you to sell excess energy back to the grid. This option works best for homes that have very large roofing surface area and can therefore maximize their output. The proceeds from the excess electricity sold back to the grid can help to pay off your investments. In some countries, the cost per unit of electricity sold back to the grid can be quite high, especially during harsh winters when most systems tend to fail. 


Most solar panel companies won’t have the right mix of equipment and personnel to handle a full installation. They will probably seek installers from independent contractors or from solar companies.

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However, there are many solar incentives for getting everything from a solar company is your best bet at reducing your overall costs and making sure you get a service warranty that lasts at least 25 years. Unlike grid electricity, you can always relocate with solar energy so long as you have done an assessment and calculated the size of the roof. A solar system is, therefore, very sustainable, flexible and designed to meet your changing needs.

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