Tech Terms Every Entrepreneur Needs to Understand in 2020

Tech Terms Every Entrepreneur Needs to Understand in 2020 1
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In 2020 it seems that technology is what makes the world go ‘round. Technology is everywhere we look, from tablets for toddlers to e-readers for the elderly. But there are many tech terms every entrepreneur needs to learn.

When starting your own business, it is essential to know the current technology trends and how to use them to your advantage.

Having a broad understanding of all things tech is a great way to be more successful. Even if you aren’t a pro at everything that is tech-based, you’ll at least have some knowledge about it!

No matter the purpose that your business serves, there is no way to avoid using technology for it.

Attracting customers, selling products or services, and merely tracking business expenses will all involve technology. You might as well use it to your full advantage!

Getting to know these ten tech terms is a smart step for any entrepreneur in 2020.

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Tech Terms Every Entrepreneur Needs to Learn

Tech Terms Every Entrepreneur Needs
Tech Terms Every Entrepreneur Needs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have ever wondered why specific results appear first on a quick Google search, you’ll be interested to know the reason is search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is a part of digital marketing that concerns how likely a webpage is to appear higher up in a search result.

To optimize a page, it is essential to use keywords (more on these later!) that relate closely to the topics people search for.

Better optimized websites and their content will only lead to more viewers, so you bet it is important to consider!


In any task you set your mind to, it is always a good idea, to begin with, a well-designed plan. The same goes for creating a functional website.

Sitemaps are great tools to help website designers keep track of how they want all the pages to work together. The maps detail which tabs link to which pages and how they all interact to create the entire website.

Not only are sitemaps useful for the designers, but they are also helpful for search engines to better understand and rank the website. This is great for SEO!

Create a sitemap to make a better website and help it receive more viewers.


A huge part of keeping an audience interested is by making your online content easy to read. While colour is necessary to draw them in and compelling content is also a huge must, minor details like the tracking in a document are just as vital.

Tracking refers to how much space is in between the words in a written text. Too many small areas make the terms challenging to read, but also ample space just looks silly.

Making sure the spacing is thought out is a natural step to skip over but one that should not be ignored. Your content should be easy to read and accessible to a broader audience!


To best optimize a business’s online presence, keywords are essential to use in content. The words in a piece of content tell search engines what it is about, so it is necessary to use the right ones!

The words that are searched most frequently about a topic are considered keywords. Any writing that includes these words is more likely to appear when a searcher types them into the search bar.

There are ways to conduct keyword research to find out which are most useful to use for your business.


Short for development operations, DevOps is the general idea of multiple teams of people working together. In tech, DevOps refers to the organizations that create software collaborating to more quickly release a product or content.

As they say, teamwork makes the dream work! Getting your customers what they want faster is a great way to compete with other companies.

Artificial Intelligence

Collaboration through Artificial Intelligence
Collaboration through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing technology as we know it. It is the idea that computers and technology can perform human-like actions, and in many cases, this is happening.

There is so much to learn about it, from its history to its current functions, to truly understand the impact it has on technology today.

To learn more about AI and how it might affect your business, check out this list of the best artificial intelligence books from Cool Things Chicago. It could really boost how your business functions!

Big Data

With a lot of customers and presence on different digital platforms, there is a lot of data that needs to be processed and understood.

Big data is the large amount of data that cannot be processed efficiently through typical data processors. It is, however, essential to analyze this data to gain a better understanding of the business.

There are various methods for sorting through big data that it is up to your company to decide what will work the best.

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Affiliate Marketing

To increase online viewership, affiliate marketing is beneficial. This refers to when a popular platform like a blog or celebrity social media posts a link to a different business’s website.

The business will hopefully gain more customers this way and will pay the affiliate site as a result. This is a great marketing strategy for newer businesses looking to expand their brand!

User Flow

Any time a user visits your business’s website, there is likely a particular path that they take while navigating through it. The way they travel your site on is known as user flow.

In constructing your website, you can guide users on a particular path that would be most beneficial for them as well as yourself. The design should make the page user friendly yet guide them to where you promote your product or service best.


Software is a massive concept in the tech world but is actually pretty simple to understand. Software is merely a set of instructions that makes a device do what they say.

There are all types of software, from the software that makes an entire computer run to the software that makes an individual app function.

These tech terms are each so crucial for entrepreneurs to understand in 2020. Technology is reaching new heights every day, so keeping up with the trends will keep businesses fresh and thriving.

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