The Fenik Yuma No-Ice Cooler – No Ice, No Electricity, EVER!

The Fenik No-Ice Cooler

Have you ever thought of having a refrigerator that is portable and does not use ice or electricity? A refrigerator that you can carry when you’re on a road trip or when you’re camping with your friends? Well, your thought isn’t a thought anymore, because refrigerator like this does exist. Fenik Yuma 60L is a refrigerator which is portable and runs just on water. It is the first refrigerator of its kind that provides electricity free refrigeration.

How do Yuma 60L works?

You just have to open it and assemble all the components of this mini refrigerator. After that fill the walls of the refrigerator with water. Now, put inside all the foods and vegetables in order to preserve them. Yuma 60L basically uses the mechanism of “Evaporative Cooling”. It stores water within the actual walls that are made up of a special material called PhaseTek which allows the water vapour to evaporate without allowing any liquid water to leak out. The evaporating water pulls out the heat energy from the inside of the box, hence maintaining a temperature which is suitable to cool all the objects inside the box.


  • It is a portable refrigerator that runs on water and doesn’t require electricity or ice.
  • It works on the “Evaporative Cooling” mechanism.
  • This device will stay cool as long as the walls are filled with water.
  • The Yuma 60L can only store fruits, vegetables, dairy products and chocolates. It can’t store meat.

Why should one go for Fenik, Yuma 60L?

The Fenik No-Ice CoolerThis is one of the most innovative product/device which can be used to actively cool food and can be used to preserve fruits and vegetables anywhere, without the use of electricity.


As far as we know, the device is available just 140 USD, so garb this special piece of innovation and start preserving your food.

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