The iPhone 14 Is Now Just Rs. 67,999 In India During The Amazon Apple Sale Days

iPhone 15 Series Scheduled To Launch On September 13

The Amazon Apple Sale Days now underway have resulted in a price decrease for the iPhone 14. In September 2022, Apple introduced the iPhone 14 with a base price of Rs. 79,900. Now, a few months after the debut, during the Amazon Apple Sale Days, users may save money without sacrificing quality. On the online marketplace, the iPhone 14 begins at Rs. 67,999. On Amazon, you may save Rs. 13,000 on the iPhone 14 Plus.

Compared to its original launch price of Rs. 79,900, the 128GB storage capacity iPhone 14 is now available on Amazon for only Rs. As of this writing, the 256GB model of the iPhone 14 can be purchased for Rs. 89,900, while the 512GB model can be purchased at Rs. 97,999 (originally priced at Rs. 1,09,900).

In India, the initial pricing for the iPhone 14 Plus was Rs. 89,900. The 128GB model of the phone is available for Rs. 76,999 during the Amazon Apple Sale Days. Meanwhile, the 256GB and 512GB storage capacities for the iPhone 14 Plus have been reduced in price. The 256GB model can be purchased for Rs. 86,999 (introduction price: Rs. 99,900), while the 512GB model is priced at Rs. 1,06,999 (introduction price: Rs. 1,19,900).

In addition to the aforementioned price cuts, the iPhone 14 Pro (Review) and iPhone 14 Pro Max are also available for a limited time. Priced at Rs. 1,19,999, the 128GB model of the iPhone 14 Pro can be purchased on Amazon. The phone’s base model in India, with 128GB of storage, was released at a price of Rs. 1,29,900. Amazon now sells both the 256GB and 512GB models for Rs. 1,34,990 (originally Rs. 1,39,900) and Rs. 1,53,990 (originally Rs. 1,59,900), respectively.

Finally, the lowest-end 128GB storage configuration of the iPhone 14 Pro Max can be purchased on Amazon for Rs. 1,27,999. The basic model was released in India at a price of Rs. 1,39,900 last year. Additionally, Amazon offers it in 256GB and 512GB capacities. The 256GB model can be purchased for Rs. 1,43,900 (down from Rs. 1,49,900 at launch), while the 512GB model remains unchanged in price. The last day of Amazon’s Apple Sale Days is June 17.

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