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Research has shown that growing plants in your environment gives multiple benefits. It not only has a positive effect on your mind but also increases your concentration and productivity at work. Adding an indoor plant to your home décor gives an aesthetic value to space and gives you a healthy environment by improving the air quality. Despite having multiple benefits, plants require primary care and watering. So why not have a smart device that can do these tasks for you.

Pico is a palm-size device that lets you grow plants in it. Pico gives plants the necessary care and watering with its telescopic LED lights and self-watering system. Growing plants have never been so much fun before. With Pico, you can connect with nature and experience the beautiful blooming moments of plants giving you a calm and positive atmosphere. This elegant looking Pico comes in the four colour- Krispy mint, Tangy orange, Oh-so-lemon, Burnt charcoal.

How to use it?

First, you have to put the plant in Pico. Then, you have to fill the pot with water, and further you will know when to top up the water level through the transparent window. It doesn’t require any power supply as your plant will grow quicker due to root oxygenation from below. It includes three interchangeable mounts- magnetic, wall mount, and Velcro. You can also chain your Picos together with a regular phone charger.


• It comes with multi-spectrum telescopic LED grow lights which give the plant enough light energy to produce.
• With its self-watering technique, you don’t have to worry about watering the plant every day. Filling the pot once in a week is more than enough.
• You can place your Pico wherever you want with its Magnetic, Velcro, Wall hanging, and Tabletop placement.
• It includes two cables- a short double-ended USB-C and a 3-meter super log cable with magnetic organizer loops to help direct the cable around magnetic substances.
• It has two USB Type-C ports on both sides with which you can chain up to 3 Picos together.
• The aluminium heatsink makes the LED module rigid and lightweight. It also helps in heat dissipation.

Why one should buy this?

Taking care of plants becomes easy and convenient with Pico. It offers you a new concept of indoor plants as you can place it wherever you want- at work, at dinning, in the kitchen, or in the bathroom. It has multiple attachments which means you can hang Pico on the walls, stick it on your fridge or on other magnetic substances, place it on a glass window, or even in a vehicle.

With Pico, you can choose any seed or grow medium like, you can grow fresh herbs, plants that detox air, plants that are easy to grow, or plants that help you sleep better. These indoor plants not only look beautiful with Pico but also help us improve concentration levels. It can give you a healthy and positive environment.


Bring Pico Home and Connect with nature. You can buy this product at $85 from the Indiegogo site.

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Disclaimer: We have not tested this gadget personally, please research about the company and its policies before buying this product.

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