Top 5 Android Apps for Cleaning Up Junk from your Phone


Every user of Android has some of the problems which are common among them and being faced by every one like draining of Battery and collection of lot of JUNK and unused waste files in the system of android like CACHE etc.

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Now finally there are some of the developers working on the problem, so that the problem of memory full or please delete some files to install any app message can be removed just by cleaning up some of the wasteful of files which are being created by the system while the use of different app.

First, we will start with what are the Junk files or cache which can be deleted and will not harm the device rather it will make the device faster then it was before.

What is cache? (Wikipedia)

A cache is a component that stores data so future requests for that data can be served faster; the data stored in a cache might be the results of an earlier computation, or the duplicates of data stored elsewhere which will ultimately increase the RAM usage and data duplication in system storage.

It is very important to use a good cleaner else a bad cleaner app can block the disk space and even could possibly infect the device with unwanted virus and malwares however, not all cleaner apps are bad.

Top 5 Android Apps for Cleaning Up Junk

Clean Master

Its an excellent all-in-one package. Its cleans the junk accurately, its super fast and has good User Interface and it has a superior award winning antivirus.  Lets check the main features:

  • Cooling feature: This feature helps user to find the app which is causing the device to overheat and stop that app thus helping user to get a longer lasting battery.
  • Junk cleaner: Deletes cache and unused files to reclaim storage space hence improve the performance and speed of the device and SD card.
  • App Manager: Helps user to Uninstall unwanted apps or bloatware and back up the important files.
  • Antivirus: Scans the system for viruses, Trojans, vulnerabilities, adware and spyware. Clean Master also removes personal information from the device hence helps to maintain privacy of the user.
  • Memory booster: Helps users to boost games and apps, free up the CPU memory (RAM) which in turn helps to speed up the device and save more battery.
  • No root necessary in this app.


Image – Clean Master


Piriform has created an excellent cleaner known as CCleaner. CCleaner is the ultimate cleaner application which wipes off the junk files and makes the Windows and Android devices much cleaner and faster. The PiriForm CCleaner application also identifies the Junk data on the device through various scripts and codes and this cleaner will not delete any data without user’s permission or command.

  • It helps in increasing the speed of the phone as it can delete application cache, browser history, clipboard content and old call logs to name few of its features.
  • stalled applications can be removed quickly hence the reclamation of available storage space is easy with the CCleaner.
  • It is very easy to use even for first time users as it has been provided with simple User Interface helping users to get into the cleaning mode with just simple clicks.
  • No root necessary
    Piriform CCleaner can be downloaded for free of cost from below given


Image – ccleaner

Startup Manager

It has been seen that sometimes the booting of the smartphone takes a very long time. This can be fixing up by configuring the start up apps which start at the time of first boot of the device like we do in our windows Operating system by going in msconfig option.

Now, the Startup Manager cleanup app, comes into the picture. The Startup Manager detects all the apps which run at startup, this includes the system apps as well as the user-installed apps. Once Startup Manager detects the trouble causing app, user would just need to disable that app from system startup by unchecking  the application from the list …Please note the item could be rechecked to restore and it will start again hence using Startup Manager is quite easy. The Startup Manager works on non-rooted devices also.


image – Startup Manager

Duplicate Contacts & Utilities

As the name suggests this is a simple app that can help user to get rid of duplicate contacts and the app and also has some features which can help user to manage their contacts in much organized way. The app has some useful features like Duplicate Contacts Detector; Duplicate Contacts Remover based on Number and Name; Remove Unused and Duplicate Email Contacts; Remove Duplicates With In a Contact including Invisible and Empty Contacts; Import or Export Contacts on PDF and excel spreadsheets. The Exact Duplicate Removal and Merge Duplicate Contacts features are the Pro features or the paid services.

This app does not require to be rooted and it is easiest, fastest and secured way to organize the contact list in Android devices.


image – Duplicate Contacts & Utilities

History Eraser

The History Cleaner helps user to clear the history of the apps on their devices. No root permission is required for this app. Usually the smartphone apps tend to use a lot of details from the history of the visited sites just for purpose of snooping for e.g. some ad agencies. With the History Eraser user can thus clear the history of the different apps and protect their privacy from snoopers and it also helps user to free up the internal storage.

With a single click History Eraser automatically clears Call logs, Browser history, Text messages, Google Search history, Gmail search history, YouTube history, all the Cache files, Clipboard data and many more. The History Eraser is available for free of cost however this version is accompanied with ads hence user can upgrade for paid version and get an ad free service.


Image- History Eraser

These are the few Cleaner apps which can help you to get a better performance from their Android smartphones and tablets along with an increase in the storage space.

Please feel free to suggest the apps which they are using currently to clean up their devices and feel are better than the ones mentioned above. Please leave the details in the comment so that other readers might get benefit from those apps.

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