Top 5 Content Writing Mistakes That Will Wipe Your Blog Out

Top 5 Content Writing Mistakes That Will Wipe Your Blog Out

Content writing is what you do best. However, you might be so involved in all tasks you have to manage that some mistakes might be passing unnoticed by you. Scaring, isn’t it? So why not to count on a list of top five content writing mistakes so that you can have it beside you from now on? Every time that you finish a post, before hitting the “Publish” button, have a look at it and make sure that you haven’t done any of them and have peace of mind from now on.

1. Writing what you think it is best

What you think it is best is not necessarily what you should be doing. And you know why? Because what matter is what your visitor wants to read. Even if you got the most amazing idea ever, and you feel like you could conquer the world with it, stop for a minute to consider if it is relevant for your reader. If it is, great, you can easily get more and more followers by sharing such content via social media, but make sure your social media skills are good enough for that. If it is not, think about something else.

2. Not editing and proofreading it

You are in a hurry, and you are an experienced writer. You have been doing it for years, and you know the topic very well. So what you do? You just finish writing your post and publish it without editing or proofreading it. NEVER. DO. IT. EVER. AGAIN. Exactly because you are so sure of yourself, you might be writing partly in automating mode, and it can lead to many errors. So always re-read and improve what you did.

3. Using unreliable sources

That website looks OK, and their Facebook page gets tons of comments. So they must be a reliable source, right? Wrong. First of all, people just need to have money to buy a great website, and they add several links to you in a few hours. And comments can be bought too. So make sure that you check your sources and never be enchanted by looks in order to not get punished by Google.

4. Ignoring tools that can help your content writing

The chances are that you are busy. Everybody is, so you probably can relate to it. So why not make the most of the best online tools that you can find so to get your work in less time? Alternatively, start doing it in a more efficient way? So let’s see some of the tools and services that can help you on it.

Google Analytics will let you know everything you need to stay on the right path. And yes, this type of information is vital for you, as you need to know what you are doing right and wrong so to improve it. Plus, it tells you everything you need about your target audience, from location to behavior.

Google Webmaster Tool is another option that you can’t live without. There you will know which are your most valuable pages and posts so you can use them as a reference on your future creations. And it is all free of charge for you.

Quora is an online community that will save your life if you run out of ideas for your content. It can also help you finding reliable sources – just check the verified profiles, and you will find many people there who know their businesses very well. And you can either search for what you need or write your own questions and wait for an answer.

If you are getting lost with so many notes, then it is time for you to check Evernote. This app works on multiple devices (desktop and mobile), and it is ready to help you to keep your notes – even the handwritten ones – organized in a way you have never seen before. And if you buy the premium version, you can get even more.

5. Not creating an outline before starting to write

And before starting to write anything, you should make sure that you create an outline to each one of your posts, even the short ones. It will help you to consider the format first, and then figure out which information you need to gather in order to achieve it. This way the final quality of your posts will be much better.

The bottom line

There you got the top 5 mistakes of content writing that will wipe your blog out. So keep this post close to you every time you are going to write and use it as a checklist. It will certainly increase your traffic and improve the way you create content from now on.

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