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Reliance Jio Fiber Plans : Will Offer 600 GB Free Internet At Just Rs 500!


Reliance Jio never ceases to amuse their consumers; the company recently said that it will soon launch broadband services and give free internet of 600 GB at just 500 INR. The service features as Jio GigaFiber, the FTTH service which will provide up to 1Gbps speed.

However, there will be more plan suitable for the users, but the initial data rate will start from 500 INR.

Jio Broadband- Special offers

Jio Broadband offersData UsagePriceValidity
 Offer 1600GB@15mbps500 ₹30 days
 Offer 2500GB@25mbps1,000 ₹30 days
 Offer 33.5GB/day500 ₹15 days
 Offer 472 Hours@60mbps500 ₹30 days
 Offer 510mbps unlimited800 ₹30 days
 Offer 61 day unlimited400 ₹1 day


Jio Broadband – Plans

Jio Fiber PlansSpeedData UsagePriceValidity
Plan 150mbps2,000 GB1,500 ₹30 days
Plan 21000mbps1,000 GB2,000 ₹30 days
Plan 3200mbps750 GB3,500 ₹30 days
Plan 4400mbps500 Gb4,000 ₹30 days
Plan 5600mbps300 GB5,500 ₹30 days
Plan 6No cap5GB/day1,000 ₹30 days
Plan 7No cap10 GB/day2,000 ₹30 days
Plan 8No cap20 GB/day3,000 ₹30 days
Plan 9No cap40 GB/day4,000 ₹30 days
Plan 10No cap60 GB/day5,000 ₹30 days
Plan 11No cap300 GB500 ₹1 day
Plan 12No cap600 Gb1,500 ₹7 days


Jio Broadband: Add-on packs

Jio fiber AddOn packsData UsagePriceValidity


Pack 1500 GB500 ₹Based on plan
Pack 2100 GB1,000 ₹Based on plan
Pack 3200 GB1,500 ₹Based on plan
Pack 424 Hour600 ₹Based on plan
Pack 572 Hour800 ₹Based on plan
Pack 6100 mbps2,000 ₹Based on plan


Note: The plan will be updated once official detail launch.

With these plans Jio GigaFiber will create a major competition in between other ISP like Airtel, Excitel, Spectranet. All these plans will also provide full access to Jio Premium apps such as JioTv, JioCinema and much more,

That’s all for this guys, stay tuned for more update and please subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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