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Top 5 Humanoid AI Robots 2017

In robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most exciting field I can say. AI robotics deals in creating efficient and intelligent robots. AI robots are the human-made artificial things which act in a real world environment and do useful stuff. In today’s most advanced AI techniques, the metal and plastic replica of human body called as a “humanoid robot”, having the great potential to become a supreme machine. And the analysis shows, the humanoid robots will surpass the human intelligence by 2030. In today’s article, we will take a look at the top 5 Humanoid AI robots 2017, which are made to tackle the different challenges present in our real world.

Here are top 5 Humanoid AI robots 2017

ASIMO by Honda

Honda has made the most advanced and probably the most expensive (nearly US $250,000) humanoid AI robot called as ‘ASIMO’. With the significant improvement in autonomy, improved balanced capability, upgraded recognition system, and other technological improvements, the latest ASIMO version was introduced in 2011.

ASIMO has the ability to adapt the environment and thus it can move around in crowded places such as shopping malls, museums, and stations. It can climb stairs, can walk on any surface as like a human.

Height: 130cm
Weight: 48Kg
Price: US $2,500,000

ATLAS Unplugged by Boston Dynamics (Google)

After the grand success of PETMAN, Boston Dynamics has made this high mobility, a humanoid robot called as ‘ATLAS’. It was designed to negotiate with outside environment and rough terrains. It can climb using hands and feet and can walk on lower limbs to leave the upper limbs free to lift or carry something or to manipulate the environment. The first version of Atlas was introduced in July 2013.

The latest version of Atlas with an electrical and control tether to operate the robot is the new generation robot dubbed as ‘Atlas Unplugged’. According to the Google’s Boston Dynamics who is the manufacturer of the robot, the machine is nearly 75% new from the previous version, the lower legs and feet remain the same, though. The robot is designed for search and rescue and is made with articulate hands and the full suite of sensors.

Height: 188cm
Weight: 156.4Kg
Price: To be announced

Romeo by Aldebaran Robotics

Aldebaran Robotics has made this humanoid robot with an intend to become a genuine personal assistant with a more emotional element. This AI humanoid robot is called as ‘Romeo’ and has the tested innovations like moving eyes, human-robot interaction, force control, the vestibular system, etc. It seeks to become the leader in the area of robotic caregiving and is the upgraded version of the humanoid robot ‘NAO’ which had more than 5000 sales or rental in all over the world.

Romeo is made of carbon fiber and rubber which makes it a lightweight humanoid AI machine. It was designed to avoid any risk of injury to the person who is attending it. Romeo can walk, hear, speak, and see the three-dimensional environment.

Height: 146.7cm
Weight: 36.66Kg
Price: To be announced

ICUB by RobotCub Consortium and Italian Institute of Technology

ICUB is a humanoid robot designed by the RobotCub Consortium and built by the Italian Institute of Technology. It is an open source cognitive humanoid robotic platform for research into Artificial Intelligence and human cognition. It learns a number of cognitive skills by making an interaction with the environment and humans.

ICUB has 53 motors which move its head, arms, hands, waist, and legs. It can see and hear the surroundings. Its new skills enable the gentle and safe interaction between robots and humans.

Height: 104cm
Weight: 22Kg
Price: US $270,000

Kuratas by Suidobashi Heavy Industry

Kuratas is an interesting and rideable humanoid robot which can be controlled by a smartphone app also. It has an Operating System V-Sido which offers an advanced motion and control. The machine can be ordered directly from AMAZON, JAPAN.

Kuratas was developed by Kogoro Kurata and Wataru Yoshizaki and was built by the Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry. It can be equipped with weapons like a water powered LOHAS launcher or a smiley Gatling gun.

Height: 380cm
Weight: 5-ton
Price: US $1,300,000

Wrap Up of Humanoid AI Robots List

An advanced humanoid robot can talk, walk, run, jump and climb the stairs in a similar way as we humans do. Such AI humanoid robot can recognize objects and people, can talk and maintains a conversation. Though doing some great and amazing things, there is a lot of scope for improvement to make the humanoid robots act like a real human. Not only in industries, laboratories, factories, and warehouses, the humanoid AI robots are becoming the part of our society and part of our lives, too.

At the moment such humanoid robots are found in limited numbers as they are pricey and in low demands. But, the market will change in near future and soon we will see these AI robots ordered in bulk numbers. This list of the Top 5 Humanoid AI Robots 2017 is for giving you the information about what we had got the best in our research. There are a few other humanoid robots which can also be put on the top rated lists.

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