How to Take Better Photos

How to Take Better Photos

Have you ever desired to become a better photographer?  If the answer is “Yes” then I tell you that only a little knowledge and experience is required. You cannot learn everything on your camera in one sitting. As cameras are complicated so it will take the time to develop your grip comfortably with it. I will provide you with some tips which will help you in taking better photos.

1. Learn Manual Mode

If you learn manual mode then you will fully learn how the cameras work. Learn how to use your camera properly that will tell you where are you wrong, in this way, your work will become easy. Once you get familiar with the manual mode, you will get better results on your own without even using it.

2. Learn Basic Composition Techniques and then forget them

The basic composition techniques will help you to look at everything differently. You can imagine how to frame a photo even in the absence of the camera.  As the main challenge is to keep your photos interesting and fresh so it would be better to forget the basic composition techniques so that you can have fresh photos.

3. Camera Flash

I did not consider myself as the flash person as I hated the pop-up flash. Then someone advised me to buy an external flash unit. It is one of the most effective ways of ensuring a correct exposure. The digital light meter will also give  good results.

4. Fresh Perspective

The fresh perspective will help you in maintaining the fresh photos. I always adjust myself according to the situation whenever I click a photo. As I am tall, so I always adjust my height whenever I take photos of people so that I don’t have to look down on them. It will be beneficial to use a tripod for photography.

5. Get Closer

It will be great to see the things from different angles which will be helpful in developing the different perspective. If you really want finer details then think before you shoot.

6. Clean up your Background

Background plays the important role in the photos so proper care should be taken of it. Think about what is in your viewfinder. Look out for branches, sky and other people. The background should not be messy. If you find that any individual element is adding nothing to the photo then it would be better to take away from the photos.

7. Frame your Subject

Framing will add the sense of depth and element of interest in the photo. It will give the viewer the information about what’s going on and where the photo was taken.

8. White Balance Right

To get your white balance right is very important. It is about the color cast of your photos. You will set apart if you master the WB.

9. Use the Histogram

The histogram is the basis of improving your photography. It is a mathematical representation of exposing an image. These days LCD displays on the digital cameras are getting better.

10. Practice

Practice makes the man perfect!  It is important to work hard for good photography as it is a fun to play around with it. With a little practice, you will see amazing results in your photos. Make use of every opportunity to capture images.


By following the above-mentioned steps anyone can become a good photographer. It is not a tough task. If you know the functions of the camera properly then you take good pictures with it. By taking more pictures you can attain masterpiece. Through practice, you will come to know about the various tactics of better photography.

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