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Top 10 Best Bezel Less Phones 2017 – You Can Buy

Smartphones are changing, believe it or not, they have changed a lot since past decade. There was a time when we were using that brick size Nokia feature phone that had an antenna. 10 years from that now we have a smartphone that has a touch screen display, has internet connection up to 100 Mbps and works as fast as a computer. So, yes they have changed a lot.

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A recent transformation that we saw earlier was the Samsung new infinity display. I would we lying If I state that it is nothing and it’s not going to affect the conventional smartphone market. The Bezel Less Phones storm has shaken up every smartphone manufacturer to its core. Today, every third consumer is demanding a bezel-less display, it’s not just about the bigger display; now it’s about the trend.

So we thought to do a fun series to let you know about some of the best Bezel-less smartphones that are available right now. Be it Chinese, be it Korean, be it American, we have covered all of the smartphones manufacturers that have the truly futurist bezel-less smartphone.

Top 10 Best Bezel Less Phones 2017

  1. Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-front-display-techniblogicI don’t think, the above device needs any introduction. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is an unconventional smartphone, with some of the top notch specs in the market. The bezel-less device is one of the most successful and amazing devices in the market. Featuring a Snapdragon 835 processor and a 6.2-inch QHD Super AMOLED Screen, its look can kill you; I am telling you.

  1. Essential Phone

Andy Rubin’s Essential Smartphone
Via Essential Twitter

The Andy Rubin’s Essential is an another marvel in the smart phone, with its slightly different screen and build quality the device is a crush of some avid tech users. Featuring a Titanium corner and a true bezel-less display with 5.71-inch QHD screen. The 360-degree camera is a charm in terms of looks and aesthetics. The device will be going to release soon.

  1. MI Mix

Xiaomi Mi mix The One-year-old MI Mix is still an awesome device in bezel-less section smartphones. Featuring a top notch Snapdragon 821 processor and 4 GB of RAM. The device performs like a beast. It has a startling 6.4-inch display with an 83.6% screen to body ratio. The marvellous device is available right now. So grab the future right now.

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  1. Sharp Aquos Crystal

Sharp Aquos CrystalOne of the first bezel-less smartphone; Sharp Aquos is still available. The device has an awesome display, featuring a 5.0 inches of TFT screen. It has a Snapdragon 400 processor and comes with 1.5 GB of RAM. The device was amazing smartphone when it was launched, but the large bezel-less didn’t make that much hype. Most of the people didn’t tend to like the exceptionally large chin of the device. Still, the smartphone is an amazing looking device in terms of display.

  1. Doogee Mix

DOOGEE MIXA new Chinese bezel less smartphone was recently spotted on banggood.com, the device is an amazing build and has a 5.5-inch AMOLED bezel-less display. The Dogee Mix is an exceptional device, it’s featuring a 2.5 GHz Helio p25 processor and 6GB RAM. The device is available at a very compact price of 179.99 USD.  Forbes has listed the device as the cheapest bezel-less smartphone of 2017.

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  1. Maze Alpha

Maze AlphaChinese manufacturers know where the future Is going, and they are doing every bit in their power to not just cover the market but revolutionise it. Now, another Chinese company Maze has also jumped into the bezel-less market. The Maze Alpha 4G is a compelling smartphone featuring a 6.0-inch Full HD display and 2.5 GHz Helio p25 processor, which is backed by 4 GB of RAM. The dual camera smartphone is priced at 283.99 USD.

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  1. Mi Mix 2

Mi Mix 2 leaksXiaomi MI mix 2 is an upcoming smartphone, so we are not sure about the specs right now. Although, it seems like the device will be going to feature a Snapdragon 835 processor featuring a large 6.4-inch true bezel-less display, which will compete directly with devices like Galaxy S8 and the upcoming iPhone 8. The device is expected to come in fall this year.

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  1. iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Screen Protector
iPhone 8 Screen Protector via Mobilefun

One of the most hyped phone of the year; the iPhone 8 is an upcoming device which is rumoured to have a bezel-less display. We are not confirming on the specs for now, but it is expected to come with the A11 processor featuring a 5.8-inch edge to edge display. The device is also expected to have a display inbuilt fingerprint sensor, which has not yet seen on any other smartphone except a prototype smartphone of vivo.

  1. Sharp F78-16

The Sharp upcoming smartphone is also expected to have a bezel-less display. The renders look really amazing and the smartphone is expected to release in this fall. The device will have a thick chin perhaps not like the previous Aqua crystal. The smartphone is reported to come with a Snapdragon 630 processor, the screen size is still in suspense.

  1. Elephone S8

Elephone S8The Elephone S8 is another Chinese bezel-less smartphone. The device is not yet launched but according to gearbest.com, it will feature a 6.0-inch bezel-less display. The device will also pack an Helio x27 processor, which will be backed by 4GB of RAM. It is also expected that the device will be a budget friendly smartphone.

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Hope you had fun checking out these smartphones. Some of the products are currently available and some are in production. And as far as we know, all the devices will be available to buy until December. One thing we are definitely sure is that the bezel-less smartphones will be going to shape the coming future and there is no doubt in that. You’ll not just see premium smartphone but a conventional budget smartphone with the amazing bezel-less display.

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That’s all for this guys, stay tuned. If we missed any other bezel-less smartphone, feel free to suggest that in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to give your reaction down below. It’s fun; I promise.

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  1. That’s amazing smartphone the future of smartphone is #BezelLess #Phone. Amazing in the mobile technology.

  2. That’s amazing smartphone the future of smartphone is #BezelLess #Phone. Amazing in the mobile technology. I really like this bezel-less smartphones.


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