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Top 8 Best iPhone Apps for Students 2019

Technology can give students great resources and opportunities for learning. It is a very powerful tool for education. Nowadays, students don’t need to spend hours in the library searching. There are several apps that will help students to improve. These apps make study easier and fun both. These apps will help you keep focus and increase your productivity. Here in this article, we will discuss the best iPhone apps that are for students.

Here are the Best iPhone Apps for Students

1. Office lens

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Office lens is a pocket pdf scanner to scan documents from Microsoft. It can digitize the documents from whiteboards or blackboards. It can automatically crop your image then enhances your photo by sharpening and straightening it. You can also convert images into different formats such as pdf, word and PowerPoint files.

2. Sleep cycle alarm clock

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Sleep Cycle alarm clock is an alarm clock that can track your sleep patterns and wakes you up when you are in light sleep. It uses to wake up phase that ends at your desired alarm time. It makes you wake up naturally by tracking your sleeping patterns.

3. MS office

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MS Office is an app for iPhone where you can make a spreadsheet, Presentation and word processor. It allows you to view and edit documents. It provides you with a quick access to your documents in the cloud whenever needed. You can easily share your documents through MSOffice.

4. Mathway

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Mathway is an app for those who don’t like maths. It is the smartest calculator that can solve basic algebra to complex calculus. It is more like a private tutor that provides you step by step solution to any problem. Not only it solves your problems but also it teaches you how to do it.

5. Good budget

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Good budget is an app that manages your budget by tracking your expense. It checks envelop and account balance and save your time with smart payee and category suggestions. You can easily transfer funds between envelopes and accounts. Data is automatically backed up to Goodbudget’s website in a secure manner.

6. iStudiez Pro

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iStudiez Pro is an app for iOS that plans by combining schedules, assignments, homework and grades. You can use this app to manage your courses and classes. It tracks your daily homework and helps you keep a record of your academic activities. It is easy to use and organise.

7. Wunderlist

[appbox appstore 406644151 screenshots]

Wunderlist is an app that can sort and organize tasks using various criteria, for example by the deadline or by priority. You’ll get the important alerts and notifications even if the app is closed. You can customize the app by choosing the different theme or colours. It also allows you to share tasks and add images.

8. Documents by Readdle

[appbox appstore 364901807 screenshots]

Documents by Readdle is a great cloud file manager for iPhone and iPad. You can use it for viewing word and excel documents, zip files, images, PDFs, watching movies and downloading MP3. You can read EPUB books as well. It is a kind of a hub where you can organise all files at one place.


Here are some Best iPhone Apps for Students mentioned that are best for college going or school going users. Documents by Readdle is a wonderful app for students as it is a versatile app that will help you stay better organised. Other than this I find iStudiez pro very helpful for students.

Kritika Agarwal
Kritika Agarwal
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