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The most visited screen on your mobile phones is lock screen. It helps to prevent your device from unauthorised users and provide you with different functionalities other than just unlocking the phone. Screen locks need certain action in order to receive access to your device which can be in the form of a PIN code, password or biometric authentication (e.g. Fingerprint, touch ID, face ID) using the touchscreen of your device. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 lockscreen app for your smartphone.

Here are the Best App Lock for Android


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Canyon is a highly functional lock screen. You can use it in standalone mode and can work with the smart launcher as well. It provides you with different features that make it easy to use. It has quick access to a torch and has a customizable background picture. You will get your notifications directly on your lock screen. You can check time, battery, date and alarm on the lock screen. There is a shortcut to turn on the torch and control music without unlocking the phone.

CM locker

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CM Locker is a security lock screen that saves your phone from the third party. It is equipped with incredible features. You can customise your phone with colourful HD wallpapers and themes. It can capture photos if an intruder tries to access your device and that photos will be sent to your email. It comes with anti-theft protection and access to notifications instantly.

Hi Locker

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Hi-Locker is a screen lock that comes with its own security measures. It includes notifications on the lock screen and the material design style. You can personalise your lock screen with various wallpapers. It is easy to use as it provides direct access to music control, camera and apps. It has a smart feature that will greet you and make you feel comfortable.

OS9 lock screen

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It is one of the best lock screen apps that allows you to personalise your lock screen with different wallpapers. It lets you change the colour of the text and supports over 50 languages. It is easy to use and consume less memory and battery. It shows notifications when the screen is locked and comes with parallax effect.


[appbox googleplay com.achep.acdisplay screenshots]

AcDisplay is a lock screen that shows you the new way of handling notifications. It will show you notifications in an intuitive and minimalistic manner allowing you to open them directly from the lock screen. It has a great design that makes it very easy to view all the notifications without unlocking the phone. It has features like active mode, low priority notifications, blacklist. You can save your battery by enabling inactive hours.


Here are the best 5 screen lock mentioned above but I would prefer CM locker because of its clean and simple design which is user-friendly. It is light in weight and provides you with various security features. Other than this you can go for AcDisplay as it provides a great level of stability.

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