Unlock Your iPhone With a Selfie


So, iPhone lover do you want to unlock your device with just clicking your selfie, your buy just making your face in front of your iPhone and unlock it just like the face recognition system that we all have in some of our laptops.  So, the dream of this just going to be happen by the next patent which has been make by apple Inc. for there future devices or to even implement in there on gong devices by just adding this feature in there new upcoming OS.

As due to  ever-growing trend of selfies are there, which is now inching forward to hit a new transformation. It’s time when selfies are going to be the safety patter or safety lock for your devices. In devices it can be your phone your tablet your smart watch etc. This is all going to be possible because of a new Apple patent which allows the users to unlock their iPhone with a selfie.

Patent US 20120235790A1 with title ‘Locking and Unlocking a mobile device using facial recognition’ proposed that this technology can use the camera on an iPhone to identify the user and then unlock or lock the phone by just recognizing the person in front of it.

Apple depicted a mixed bag of employments through the patent, however every last bit of it closures at the gadget taking a speedy picture and analyzing the face to focus the user. In the event if the face is recognized using the camera, the phone would open and otherwise it will ask for the password to get the access of the phone.


However, the facial recognizing system can be increased by adding the different facial of friends or family like the finger print recognizing system is already having. In this way the friend and family will also be able to access the phone just by placing there face  in front of the device and easily unlocking it. Apple iPhoto is already having such kind of feature in it recognize all the faces in a particular picture and we can name them accordingly.

Apple is not the first company to get such idea of getting the facial recognition system in there devices, but the main thing is that weather after patent it is going to work like other was not. However, No matter Apple is having the patent  of unlocking the phone based on facial recognition, but Apple needs to prove it among its consumers.

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