Utobo And Microsoft Enable Online Coaching Institutes

Utobo And Microsoft Enable Online Coaching Institutes

A Silicon Valley company has established a collaboration with Microsoft and G7 CR Technologies to help online course and content providers earn more money. This collaboration will completely change the manner in which local coaching firms use the Internet to expand and prosper. Together, utobo and its partners will help educators, course developers, and companies create recognisable online coaching brands for a fraction of the usual cost.

By making it easier for them to create and manage online courses, the alliance hopes to help small coaching firms expand their reach and increase their income. The utobo platform uses cutting-edge Microsoft technology to make the shift to online coaching easier for companies. It allows them to build compelling courses, forge genuine relationships with subscribers, and increase their income, all with a single platform.


“utobo’s goal is to make education accessible, inexpensive, and entertaining for everyone. According to utobo CEO Raj Sahu, “By partnering with Microsoft Azure & G7 CR Technologies, we are providing educators and course creators with the tools they need to succeed in the online space and ultimately make a significant impact on their students’ lives.” Our collaboration will enable local coaching firms to thrive in the digital era, allowing them to serve more students at a lower cost without sacrificing quality.

Thousands of artists, solopreneurs, educators, and coaches from over 50 countries currently use utobo to produce courses and digital goods, and this relationship with Microsoft will further strengthen the platform’s possibilities. The goal of this partnership is to help independent educators compete with established platforms by providing them with the resources they need to develop successful online coaching brands.

A Microsoft representative stated, “Microsoft is committed to supporting innovative startups like utobo that are making a real difference in people’s lives.” We expect this collaboration to help expand the online coaching industry, which will in turn benefit students and teachers all around the globe.

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