VIITA Smartwatch – AI Wearable Fitness Coach

VIITA Smartwatch - AI Wearable Fitness Coach

Have you ever thought of having a watch that can not only tell time but can also act as a personal health coach? Well! VIITA is an intelligent smart watch that helps to reduce stress, improve athletic performance and manage your health. This watch has the capability of telling you how exhausted or recovered your body is, keeping your body safe and as healthy as possible.

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How does Viita smartwatch works?

VIITA’S intelligent, self-learning algorithm calculates your stress levels, regeneration status based on your heart rate, heart rate variability, height, weight, training intensity, training volume, ages and gender. The VIITA scan provides health screening in real time because the algorithm used is highly complex and each one of us have a different body.

You can further access all the features of VIITA smartwatch in easy to read charts, settings, notification from VIITA app to your VIITA watch.


  1. The battery life of VIITA lasts longer when compared with any other competing smartwatch.
  2. This watch scans your body up to 80 times per seconds and calculate your water consumption and analyze your sleep patterns.
  3. It also tracks your steps and calories burned. It further challenges your workout so that you can meet your goal.
  4. You can stay connected by real-time notifications.

Why should one go for Viita smartwatch?

Viita smartwatchIf you have an active lifestyle that comprises work out routines and you want yourself to be physically fit, then you can go for this device because this watch not just tells you time but helps you in keeping track of your health. It’s kind of 2 in one package.


The product is available on the official site of Indiegogo. The price of VIITA SMART WATCH is 135 $. It will probably be shipped later this year. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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