Virhuck Volar-360 Nano Drone – Smallest Drone which fit in your Pocket


Are science and technology only about inventing something beneficial to mankind? Maybe yes or maybe not buy according to me, science and technology are sometimes about inventing a device that is amusing in use, it should also be ease and fun. Don’t you think?

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Wallet Drone is the world’s smallest drone, also known as the tiny quadcopter with 4 cm in size and comes in a wallet size controller with an inbuilt charger. A perfect device that provides fun, ease and convenience.


  • Only quadcopter that docks and charges inside the controller.
  • The size of the controller is same as the size of a wallet so it is portable and designed to provide a secure transport and storage.
  • Wallet drone features smaller and lighter PCB with gyroscope and flight stabilization.
  • There is an extra antenna for extended control range.
  • Bright LED lights are on the underside of the wings not at the ends for night flights.
  • The quadcopter has battery housing on the bottom i.e., rectangular which allows better performance and handling.

The technology behind the device:

  • Patent-Pending design allows the drone to charge while docked inside the controller.
  • 3 speeds pre-programmed for the desired level of flight sensitivity.
  • 6-axis gyro-stabilization keeps drone stable and centered.
  • Pre-programmed “Trick mode” algorithm provides amazing flips and rolls.


Fly-the-smallest-drone-in-the-World-with-Wallet-DroneYou may think that why should you go for this device. Well, First of all, it is the world’s only drone that you can use anytime and anywhere and most importantly, you do not require a separate charger or charging point in order to charge this device. Just take it from your pocket and connect it to your smartphone and fly. That’s it.


The device is a commercial success; it was first an Indiegogo project, but with numerous funding, it became successful. The device is available on with a shipping charge. The retail price of the device is 19.99$.

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