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Volareo: The Smart Speaker That Plays Video

Ever thought of having a speaker which is capable of playing videos? Well, we now have a device that is capable of multi-tasking. Volareo is a portable video playing speaker with almost all the services that you love. This smart device is also compatible with Android so you can easily customise it by installing your favourite applications from the app store. This device has also been mentioned in Forbes magazine and entertainment was never so easy unless it was launched.

How does it work?

This a handy device. You can carry it with you anywhere and anytime you want. If you want to listen music connect Volareo with your Bluetooth and experience your favourite music. Just in case you want to watch the video, connect it to your TV and watch the content you need to.  This device runs on an Android and hence it is compatible with your smartphones too and you can enjoy applications like Netflix, YouTube and Twitch by simply downloading them.


  1. It is a portable device with a battery life of 6 hours.
  2. This device features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can listen to music over Bluetooth and you can watch the movie over Wi-Fi.
  3. You can connect it with your TV through HDMI and you can stream entertainment on your television.
  4. This device also features touch and voice control.
  5. It features wireless charging. Charge this device without cables.
  6. This device is built while keeping people’s privacy in mind. You can turn off the microphone with a touch of a button.

Why should one go for it?

The device is a speaker and an Android TV box. Keeping customers privacy in mind, this device provides everything that you need for an entertainment purpose. People who usually travel and often watch movies or shows and listen to music and are also searching for one device that is capable of performing all the actions then they must definitely go for it.


This awesome smart speaker is available on Indiegogo at a minimal cost of 99 USD. So hurry up before it runs out.

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Ankita Yadav
Ankita Yadav
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  1. Everything is getting voice activated these days.
    Im sure a smart chip will be introduced soon that can be pluged into human body to activate everything


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