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WALSUN: World’s Smallest Fingerprint Disc Lock!

Have you ever caught in a situation where you have to go somewhere important, and you lost the keys of your bike? You are left with no other option but to break the lock or leave it. Here is when the Walsun comes into the picture. Walsun is the world’s Smallest Fingerprint Disc Lock system with which you can unlock your bike more securely and faster. It has a unique design different from other bike locks in the market. It is compact, lightweight, and waterproof that fits both your bicycle and motorcycle.

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How to use WALSUN?

It is different from a conventional bike disc lock system as it uses fingerprint recognition. By default, the lock will automatically enter into the “sleeping mode”. But you don’t have to worry as the lock will still protect your bike. There is one button on the left side of the lock which you just have to tap once. It recognizes your fingerprint and the bike will get unlocked within half a second. You can also use the advanced steel cable lock for added security.

WALSUN Features

  • It has a fingerprint recognition unlock feature so you can easily unlock with your finger.
  • Its recognition speed is fast and accurate as it unlocks your bike within 0.5 seconds.
  • The disc brake lock is easy to carry as it weighs only 220 grams.
  • It can register up to 40 fingerprints so you can share it with you,r family, and friends.
  • Its one-piece structure is made up of a 304 stainless steel lock body to prevent the bike from getting stolen.
  • It is IP65 waterproof and dustproof.
  • It provides dual protection with Disc Brake Lock and Steel Cable Lock.
  • It has a Type-C charging port that gives a standby time of three months.

Why should you prefer Walsun?


Walsun is lighter, safer, and faster than previously used bike locks. It has an integrated structure that only responds to fingerprints of living people and rejects the fake gelatin or silicone fingerprints, protecting your bicycle from theft. The outer layer of Bold Steel Cable is made up of high-quality PVC material that makes it durable. Walsun is fitted with an energy-efficient battery and low power consumption components that can give up to 3 months of protection with a single charge. With Walsun, you don’t have to worry about your family and friends as you can store up to 40 fingerprints in it. It is compact and lighter that easily fits into your pocket. It is not only suitable for bicycles but can be used for motorcycles, scooters, mopeds or e-bikes.


You can buy this fashionable and reliable bike disc lock, Walsun at $119 from the Indiegogo site. Click here for more details.

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Disclaimer: We have not tested this gadget personally, please research about the company and its policies before buying this product.

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