5 Ways Malware Can Invade Your Android Device

Ways Malware Can Invade Your Android Device

By now, if you’re on the internet regularly, you’ve seen some sort of malicious activity. There are many ways malware can invade your android device. Cyber threats are a daily part of life, whether it’s spam email phishing your inbox or malware delivered straight to your hard drive. 

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The only difference between your computer and your neighbours is the protection you each use. This prevents the threats from becoming attacks. But as we focus on defending our laptops and PCs, cybercriminals have moved on to invading our phones. 

Although the topic is hotly debated, there are many valid reasons why developers warn Android users over iPhone owners to watch their devices. Android platforms have been the victims of malware attacks in recent years. 

Part of this is simply because Android phones cater to a wider clientele. A bigger market means more targets for hackers. Apple has a closed source code, making their apps more difficult (but not impossible) to break into. Android’s codes are mostly open-source. 

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Whatever the cause of the security flaws, the reality is that all kinds malware can invade your android device. If you have one or are considering purchasing, watch for these five cyber sneak attacks.

5 Ways Malware Can Invade Your Android Device

1. Trickery 

You don’t have to be gullible to fall for malware’s tricks. A few look so legitimate even developers aren’t positive if they’re authentic or not. 

This kind of malware relies on convincing you to permit it to access your sensitive information. You’ll try to view something or click on a link, and suddenly a little mini screen will pop up saying you need to have the proper credentials to view the info. 

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These permissions aren’t anything out of the ordinary. But they’re enough to give the malware program what it needs to get into your important accounts.

2. Taking Over 

Another form of trickery occurs when a malware program gets into your phone through a security breach. If you have many apps downloaded, all of them must be protected. One small vulnerability and the malware make it through and into your phone. 

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Once there, it gives itself “administrative” privileges and explores your sensitive data. You don’t have to approve a thing.

3. Someone on the Network 

Choosing the Best Cabling Option for SMB Local Networks Ways Malware Can Invade Your Android Device

Millions of us connect to open or shared networks every day in places like Sydney and worldwide. This is the perfect environment for cybercriminals to send malware en masse.  

If someone in your network has a virus, it spreads to everyone connected. So, if you are using open connections, make sure the owner or you has managed IT services Sydney or wherever you are.

4. The User’s Rooting 

Some apps are designed for iOS, some for Android, and some for both. When you want an iOS app on your Android, you can go through the backdoor to force the installation through a process called rooting

Unfortunately, these apps aren’t part of the natural download process for a reason. They aren’t supported, and therefore, aren’t protected. 

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When you install applications or games from app stores other than Android or force a disabled function to work, you’re putting your phone at risk of malware.

5. SMS Permissions 

5 Ways Malware Can Invade Your Android Device 2

Check the permissions in each app. Do any of them have the authority to send you SMS messages? 

This is an easy way to get a user to click on a link and open the phone up to malware. Never click on a link in your email or text if you aren’t positive who it is from. 

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With so many ways malware can invade your android device and you become a cybercrime victim, it’s essential to up your network’s security, even on your phone.

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