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7 Websites to Sell Old & Used Mobile Phones Online in India


Every day we can see a bunch of new gadgets launching with the latest technologies. Where on one end many of us can afford the latest devices now and then we also wonder what to do with our old devices. Well to bring ease to your problems, we have come up with the best gadget selling websites. You can use these websites to sell your old and unused devices and those devices can be bought by anyone who needs to use a second-hand product. And, you will also get a reasonable amount for your old devices.

Websites to Sell Your Gadgets Online in India


 - 7 Websites to Sell Old & Used Mobile Phones Online in India

Cashify is one of the best websites that you can use to sell digital products such as your smartphones, laptops, tablets, TV and gaming consoles. Moreover, you don’t have to search for a purchaser. The website itself buys your digital products and gives you the best possible price for it. Moreover, they even provide pick up from your home and the cash will be handed to you at the time of pickup. You just have to select your device & write about its current condition, and the website’s advanced AI tech will tailor-make the perfect price for you. Hence, cash your old device, with Cashify.

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2. InstaCash

 - 7 Websites to Sell Old & Used Mobile Phones Online in India

You can use this platform to sell used and old gadgets online. InstaCash gives the best value of old smartphone, laptops or any other gadgets that you would like to sell. Moreover, this website saves you from any risk of data abuse. All you need to do is just upload the required information on the site and check the value of the gadget. The pickup will be arranged and you will get instant cash for your sold gadgets. Moreover, users can even use the TM300 code to get Rs. 300 extra credit.

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3. OLX

 - 7 Websites to Sell Old & Used Mobile Phones Online in India

OLX is not new in the game. We all have heard “OLX pe Becho”. Well, it is one of the most popular websites that lets users sell anything. Be it your used devices or used utensils, just sell them on OLX. All you have to do is list your products, add categories, add sub-categories attach a photo and then make your listing live. Once, your listing is live, you will start getting calls from buyers in a few minutes after listing. Moreover, through this website, you will be responsible for the negotiation and delivery of the products and very soon you will meet the buyer and then you have to deliver and collect the payment.

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4. Quikr

 - 7 Websites to Sell Old & Used Mobile Phones Online in India

Quikr is another very well-known similar kind of classified website that lets users sell anything quicker and faster and this website works the same as OLX. You have to add products, add a description, add a photo and then publish and as soon as it is published you will start getting calls from buyers in a few minutes. Quikr is widely used by many people and people even use it to sell properties and vehicles.

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5. Budli.in

 - 7 Websites to Sell Old & Used Mobile Phones Online in India

This is yet another website that you can use for the buying and selling old gadgets. You can use it to sell your used and old gadgets like a laptop, phone, tablet or anything else. If you want something to sell quickly, kindly visit this website ASAP.

Website Link

6. Sellyt

 - 7 Websites to Sell Old & Used Mobile Phones Online in India

Sellyt is very less known among people. However, less popularity doesn’t make it unworthy on the list. ¬†This website can be used by anyone of us for selling our old and used Mobile Phone and Tablet at amazing prices in less than a minute. Moreover, you can also recycle dead or bricked smartphones, tablets and laptops with free doorstep pickup in India. No matter what digital device you want to do and doesn’t matter what brand it is, you can sell any device here!

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7. Recycle Device

 - 7 Websites to Sell Old & Used Mobile Phones Online in India

It is yet another lovely service to sell your old devices online. It is very easy to use this website and all you need to do is enter the model name, select its condition and by answering a few questions and then instantly you can get an instant quote. After that, a pickup will be arranged from your address and pick up executive will pay you the amount at the time of pick up.

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All in all these are pretty great solutions for you to sell your product. The most prominent ones amongst these seems to be OLX and Quikr but do try out the other ones as per your need. Each of them bring out their own way of selling and promoting your electronic gadget without any hassle.

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