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What Are MultiShoring Services?

Multishoring is an IT Provider Company located in Poland. At Multishoring, we are focused on offering customer-oriented services as we ensure that our clients find value in their investments. Our main services include; custom software development, system migration, product design (UX), technology upgrade, IT consulting, It outsourcing, etc.

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We can assist you in increasing the efficiency and agility of your organization by providing effective and convenient access to a highly qualified and cost-effective workforce that is receptive to your demands and willing to adapt.

What Are MultiShoring Services?

Mobile development

The experts at Multishoring have extensive experience developing and executing mobile SFA (Sales Force Automation) systems. Their use can help resolve various issues through communication and collaboration between field staff and corporate headquarters.

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The technologies instantaneously offer mobile users the most up-to-date details about the points of sale for which they are accountable and the actions they should take to improve efficiency. Some of our solutions you get through Mobile SFA include; Merchandising support system, a Marketing support system, Mobile sales support system, and a Trade marketing support system.

IT Outsourcing

Multishoring provides IT Outsourcing solutions to any company. We will provide you with a qualified IT specialist to ensure your business gets all the IT-enabled services you may require. Acquiring IT Outsourcing will help your business upscale quickly, lower the cost of running the business, and access qualified skillsets.

Low code development services

Low-code development is a technique for creating software in a visual development platform, where programs can be produced using a graphical user interface.

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Low code solutions enable businesses to quickly generate prototypes and establish applications without the need for huge development teams. 

IT Consulting

At Multishoring, we provide IT Consultancy to any technological company. We help you choose the best hardware and software providers, infrastructure management, and network solutions. We have a qualified and experienced IT team that can meet all your IT issues. 

Product design (UX)

Multishoring can study and understand your customers’ requirements before undertaking product design. As a result, we will build a product design (UX) that will be customer-oriented. Our experts understand all the steps required in the product design process.

System migration

If you want to move your system’s programs and instructions to a new system or an upgraded version, then Multishoring is the way to go. Our experts have worked on similar projects over time; hence you are assured of quality services.

Technology upgrade

If the technology you have been using to run your business has become obsolete or does not meet your business requirements, we are here to facilitate all the necessary updates.

Ideation services

Ideation is the process of developing novel solutions to issues. We offer an ideation service to assist you in brainstorming new company concepts. Our organization provides market and competitor analysis to assist you in growing your business.

IT support

Instead of hiring an IT person for your business, you can conduct Multishoring anytime to advise you on any IT problems arising in your business.

Testing and QA

To ensure that your software is updated, you will require software testing and quality assurance. We are here to help you.

Project rescue

We aim to rescue your IT project that seems difficult by upgrading the software and streamlining the procedure.


Multishoring is the solution for all your IT issues and custom software development. We have experienced staff and cost-effective projects, and we corporate with our clients through regular update meetings.

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