Why Is Ranking in Google My Business Important for Dentists?

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GMB (Google My Business) is a ranking tool that helps local businesses appear on searches when potential clients search for a service or product on Google. The competition in various industries, especially dental practices, makes it vital for businesses to use GMB to gain a competitive edge.

GMB for dentists is a great way for you to market your services free of charge. It also allows you to find potential clients in your area by displaying your website, contact information, and hours of operation. However, this depends on the information you include on your GMB page.

Why GMB (Google my Business) Is Important for Dentists

GMB for dentists is essential as it allows local clients to find your practice. This way, your dental practice has an advantage over national or international practices that don’t operate in your area. According to research, 46% of searches by Google users are local. Google uses the following searches to determine clients with local intent:

  • Searches that enquire about services provided locally, such as dental and yoga services
  • Search keywords that contain phrases such as near me
  • Searches that contain any geographic reference, e.g., zip code and city name

Similarly, 64% of consumers use search engines to find businesses in their area. Therefore, if your dental practice doesn’t use GMB, it’s losing out on thousands of local customers. Your practice’s ranking on GMB usually appears on the Google Snack Pack.

The Snack Pack is shown above organic listing and below pay-per-click ads. Although only three searches appear of the snack pack, users have the option to click more to find numerous dental practices in their area. Hence, even when you don’t rank on the first three searches, you get higher visibility on Google when consumers click more for more comprehensive results.

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Why Ranking on GMB Is Important

As mentioned earlier, ranking on GMB increases the visibility of your dental practice on Google. This, in turn, generates more conversions, increasing your ROI. Research shows that 78% of local searches conducted on search engines result in offline conversions.

Therefore, with GMB, your business can get leads and conversions, both online and offline. Additionally, ranking in GMB ensures prospective clients get in touch with you. This is because GMB reaches a highly-targeted audience compared to traditional marketing channels that have a broader reach.

For instance, a client with a toothache will search for reputable local dentists nearby. Such customers are in dire need of dental services and are actively searching for reliable dentists.

Alternatively, to build your credibility, you should rank in Google My Business. Consumers always go for businesses that rank high on Google because they’re the best.

When you rank in GMB, you place your services right in front of your customers when they need them, boosting your credibility. Besides, ranking in GMB can help foster trust between your dental practice and prospective clients.

With trust, you can build long-lasting relationships with patients. You can also build trust with Google through positive reviews on your GMB profile. Satisfied clients will always be happy to leave positive comments, increasing your online presence.

Optimizing Your GMB Profile

Setting up your dental’s GMB profile is simple, and you can find various online resources to help you. However, make sure the name and address you use are consistent across your website and other marketing platforms.

To optimize your GMB profile, add photos so that your potential clients get an idea of what you offer. You should also manage and respond to your reviews. With GMB, you can enhance your online presence and stay ahead of your competition.

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