Worldline And Zone Startups India Create A Paytech Accelerator Programme

Worldline And Zone Startups India
Mr. Vishal Maru Executive Vice President – Financial Institutions and Merchant Services, Worldline India

Worldline, a world leader in payment services, has signed an MoU with Zone Startups India, a division of BRTSIF (BIL-Ryerson Technology Startup Incubator Foundation, a division of BSE), to launch an Accelerator Programme for payment technology start-ups. Worldline will partner with Zone Startups India to create a technological, business, and knowledge platform to assist incubated startups succeed.

Worldline will collaborate closely with the Zone Startups team on the paytech accelerator programme to encourage new business ideas and technological advancements in the field of payment processing. This collaboration is part of Worldline’s Buland Bharat effort, which aims to increase the prevalence of digital payment methods across India. Infrastructure, access to industry partners, business development assistance, mentorship, and client contacts are all provided by Zone Startups India, an interdisciplinary coworking platform for chosen startups in India.

Worldline is one of the most favoured payments partners for all major banks, retail brands, e-commerce businesses, non-bank financial institutions (NBFCs), insurance companies, startups, and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in India. To help chosen start-ups get off the ground, Worldline will provide its extensive knowledge of payment technology and serve as a forum for ideas and feedback. 

A senior executive of Worldline India said, “The BSE Zone Start-ups India is one of the sought after start-up accelerators in India.” That executive was Vishal Maru. The efforts they are making to encourage creativity and business are admirable. We couldn’t have asked for a greater collaborator as we work to create a thriving startup environment for payments technology, reflecting Worldline’s commitment to development and innovation. We’re excited to work closely with them to make this a success.

The CEO of Zone Startups in India, Hemant Gupta, had this to say about working with Worldline: “It is amazing to have Worldline as our business solution partner. Our young businesses will be able to connect with the extensive selection of Worldline retailers thanks to their global network. The members of the cohort will get exclusive pilot chances from Worldline and the guidance of Worldline’s upper management. I am excited to see where our collaboration with you takes this accelerator programme.

In India, Worldline serves as a one-stop shop for all types of payments, including POS, e-commerce, and omnichannel. Over 1.5 million businesses in 5,000 Indian cities and villages benefit from Worldline’s end-to-end payment processing and value-added services.

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