World’s First Walkie-Talkie Case For iPhone


A mobile phone case is one of the most important accessories that is used to protect your phone from any sort of damage. Also, people nowadays go for customised mobile cases which not only protects their smartphone from damage, but also it provides a new look to your device. Currently, we have an iPhone case which features a walkie-talkie handset to talk to your friends and family when you are travelling or when you are on fieldwork. This is not a traditional phone case that we all have seen in the market and that we often use but it is a smart iPhone case which features walkie-talkie, power bank and also protects your device from accidental damage.

How does the Walkie-talkie for iPhone works?

It is not a regular iPhone case but a phone case which supports the walkie-talkie feature and it has a built-in battery on board that can charge the iPhone when it’s battery is about to die. It has a two-colour shell, one is hard and the other one is soft shell just to provide the best protection to your device.


  1. The phone case has a built-in battery of 3500 mAh which can charge your iPhone when needed via 3.0 USB port.
  2. It is available for all iPhone size i.e. 4.7”, 5.5” and 5.8”.
  3. It is a full protection case with an excellent intercom function.
  4. It supports wireless walkie-talkie with a short antenna and a long antenna.

Why should one have it?

This smartphone case features a built-in battery that increases the iOS phone usage. Also, it is way too different than the regular or traditional phone cases that we have been using until now. So, for people who are tech freak and need something different and creative must go for this iPhone case because it is a multi-purpose case with lots of additional features.


This 3 in 1 walkie-talkie iPhone case is available on Indiegogo, register right below to get the awesome case.

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