8 Hardest Video Games Of The Century: Check List Here

hardest video games of the century

Today, we’re listing the hardest video games of the century in order of difficulty. This list will focus on the demanding and most hardest video games released in the twenty-first century—at least thus far.

These hardest video games have tested players’ abilities worldwide since the early 2000s. For this list, we’ll examine the most demanding and hardest video games released in the twenty-first century—at least thus far. “Darkest Dungeon” (2016), “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice” (2019), “F-Zero GX” (2003), “Super Meat Boy” (2010), and more are on our list of the 8 most hardest video games of all time! 

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List of the World’s Hardest Video Games

Here is our list of the 8 most hardest video games of all time! 

1. Super Meat Boy

worlds hardest video games
  • Date of Release: October 20, 2010
  • Developer(s): BlitWorks, Team Meat

Super Mario Bros. 2 is just one example of the works that have previously dominated the field of challenging side-scrolling. Taking that as a challenge, Team Meat ensured the game was at the top of the difficulty spectrum for 2D platformers. The 2010 game Super Meat Boy featured an unparalleled level design that would make you angry whenever you crashed against the throne wheels. 

The gameplay was quick and fluid, requiring quickness and accuracy at the same time. No game has approached the level of difficulty that Super Meat Boy did for us.

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2. Dark Souls

worlds hardest video games
  • Date of Release: October 4, 2011
  • Developer(s): Virtuos, QLOC, FromSoftware Inc.

Speaking of FromSoftware Inc., the difficulty would even be at their locations without Dark Souls. Dark Souls Original gave you a gradual build-up in each battle, in contrast to its more fluid siblings in Dark Souls 2 and 3. The obstacles ensured you could only escape a battle by losing metal or blood. 

In contrast to its relatives in Bloodborne, Demon’s Souls, and Elden Ring, Dark Souls Original did not allow you to adjust in any way. While Bloodborne offers mobility and the Elden Ring will enable you to exit combat, Dark Souls was the ultimate soul-crushing gauntlet. 

3. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

worlds hardest video games
  • Date of Release: March 22, 2019 
  • FromSoftware Inc. is the developer(s).

FromSoftware Inc. is renowned for its inventiveness and ability to create complex games. However, it’s possible that the developers overcommitted themselves when creating Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This masterwork proved difficult, even for seasoned Dark Souls players familiar with the battle systems. 

The ability to time your counters is the central aspect of Sekiro. You could succeed if you can dodge well. Sadly, most players didn’t and eventually gave up on the game out of wrath. Count me among them. 

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4. Elden Ring

worlds hardest video games
  • Date of Release: February 25, 2022 
  • Created by: FromSoftware

Every day, something new and challenging is added to the soul-like genre. When Elden Ring was released in 2022, the same thing occurred. In contrast to its other cousins in the genre, Elden Ring just plain turns you off with its unjust difficulty. 

Your first boss fight will ensure that you are aware of the agony. At every point, the bosses are genuinely more powerful than your character. But Elden Ring, being an open-world game, manages to spare you the adrenaline of winning a fight. Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is on the way, so things could get even more complex. Time will tell. 

5. Cuphead

worlds hardest video games
  • Date of Release: September 29, 2017 
  • Developer(s): MDHR Studio

They say to refrain from judging a book by its cover. Cuphead, though, took it personally. Cuphead is a side-scrolling game that initially appears innocent with its cartoony graphics and catchy music. But as soon as the game launches, the sinister backstories of the cartoon characters become evident. The game’s antiquated animations captivated you while you spent hours defeating boss fights. Despite its child-friendly appearance, Cuphead is not a game for the timid. 

6. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

worlds hardest video games

Date of Release: June 3, 1986 

Developer(s): Nintendo Analysis & Development, Nintendo Entertainment

Even though 2D platformers have always been difficult, it’s time to recognize one of the classics—Super Mario Bros. 2, also known as The Lost Levels. 1986 saw the game’s release, one year after the first one. The game still has a lot of the charm of the old version, which was an excellent game with many challenges. There were even deadly mushrooms, along with more complex barriers. It’s still clear that Nintendo did not cut corners when determining how difficult it was to make this game. 

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7. Ninja Gaiden

worlds hardest video games
  • Date of Release: March 2, 2004 
  • Developer(s): Tecmo, Team Ninja

Ninja Gaiden games in arcade form were quite entertaining. The 2004 release maintained the same flavor, continuing the tradition. However, there was a catch: Ninja Gaiden unexpectedly became highly challenging. The graphic and brutal action was unforgiving, even with the responsive controls. The violent and unbreakable hard difficulty of the 2004 Ninja Gaiden was its greatest asset, even though the game’s legacy was partially carried over into the sequels. 

8. Spelunky 2

worlds hardest video games
  • Date of Release: September 15, 2020 
  • Developer(s): BlitWorks, Mossmouth, LLC, and Mossmouth

A follow-up to the well-played platform game Spelunky was released in 2020. It didn’t just show up, though; it called out to its previous incarnation, “Hold my drink.” Spelunky 2 made you consider every move and raised the bar for platformer intricacy. Dropping helpful tools and dealing with the opponents’ unpredictable nature became a significant problem. We detest Spelunky 2 because it forces gamers to fight through every beat. 

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These are the hardest video games of all time. You will either run to them or away from them, depending on the type of player you are. Which item on this list is your choice? Are there any other games that you believe belong here? Tell me in the comments section below! 

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