Wunder360 S1: FIRST 3D Scanning & 360 AI Camera πŸ“·

Wunder360 S1: FIRST 3D Scanning & 360 AI Camera

Cameras are everywhere these days. In a word one can say that they are a technological marvel, giving everyone a bioscope of their own. In this technological era the one thing that is rapidly changing is the way these cameras are evolving. Every day you have a new product in your hand, ready to click photograph from a different angle. Well, luckily a diverse camera did catch our attention, which happens to be the first ever 3D scanning and 360 AI camera.

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Wunder360 s1 is the latest compact camera by the Chinese innovator that is added to the series of Wunder360 cameras. It is a multifunctional 360Β° camera that you can be used to build 3D models and create AR/VR content. You can use it while running, working, trekking etc as it is wearable, portable and easy to use. It is a new advanced technology developed for the camera lovers so that they can capture their precious moments more vividly.

Tell Me More About It

Wunder360 S1 is basically based on real-time body recognition and image fusion technology and comes with a fantastic feature like multi-exposure video mode which is named as Phantom Clipper. The AI model is developed to recognise and track the main subjects in the videos. The device uses Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) so that your images remain stable and in focus without any shaky movements. The 360Β° camera creates 3D models which can be used in gaming. It can be used underwater or in the sky.


  • It captures 360 videos; no extra post-production software is needed.
  • It can do easy 3D scanning and enables the ability to create in 3D models.
  • It has AI-powered smart tracking and built-in EIS algorithm through which you can create sharp videos.
  • It comes with super smooth stabilisation which prevents shaky shots.
  • It has all in one powerful cloud service with on-board stitching technology implemented on the CEVA-XM4 imaging and vision DSP.
  • It comes with 100 ft IP68 waterproof case so that you can use it anywhere.
  • It can insert real-world objects into augmented and virtual reality.

Why Should One Go For It?

Wunder360 S1 is an all in one camera that supports Android and iOS both. It is the camera which is waterproof with customization. It suits every situation as it is lightweight and portable and is empowered by 3rd reconstruction and multi-exposure video mode. It makes your life more fun and let you capture more incredible memories as it comes with more advanced features.


Wunder360 S1 is exclusively available on Indiegogo priced at $159 after 42% discount. So, hurry up they might have a limited stock.

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