xFyro xS2 Waterproof Wireless Earbuds with Microphone

xfyro xs2 wireless earbuds

xFyro has presented the waterproof wireless earbuds xFyro xS2 that opens the gateway to live beyond limits. These earbuds are purely waterproof. You can use them while swimming, bathing, and even when it is raining. These are first-of-its-kind fully waterproof wireless earbuds. They have been designed with an alluring look and are crafted with premium brushed aluminum to ensure a durable build.

xfyro xs2 wireless earbuds

The fascinating feature provided with these earbuds is that you can magnetically connect your earbuds to the battery case which enables you to enjoy a total listening time of 20-30 hours before having to recharge your case. The device sports 30 hours of battery life with a charging case. If you charge your earbuds once, then they will last for 5 hours. In just 30 minutes, you can quickly charge your battery to 75%. It has been equipped with Bluetooth technology that can connect it to any other device within the range of 30 feet from the earbuds.

xfyro xs2 wireless earbuds

These have been shaped to perfectly fit in your ears which makes it comfortable and secure while jogging, sporting, and other workouts. The sound quality of there earplugs is Superior HD which makes you experience a concert hall in your ears with extraordinary highs and deep, rich and lows. The award-winning engineers at xFyro audio created the most advanced pair of xFyro waterproof earbuds on the market, bringing next-generation technology today’s active listener. You can connect these earbuds with multiple devices, you can share music with your loved ones without getting tangled in wires. It is compatible with iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC. There are a built-in microphone and handy button functions through which you can conveniently take, make, and redial calls and also pause and play your music with ease.

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The noise suppression and noise isolation technology has been enhanced that allows you to enjoy your music in peace and quiet and answer calls without missing any word. A multi-functional power bank has been provided with these earbuds with which you can charge your other devices. Moreover, the high-speed charging case for your earbuds doubles as a power bank to charge your other devices when you are in a pinch.

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