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Xiaomi and UNiDAYS lead Student Discount offerings in India

Xiaomi has said that it is pleased with the results of its collaboration with UNiDAYS, a service that helps students from Generation Z become more independent, in order to reach and appeal to India’s youthful and savvy student market.

Discounts of up to 50% are available via the Xiaomi Student Plus Programme on all Xiaomi and Redmi mobile devices, computers, and accessories. Mi Protect, Mi Extended Warranty, and Mi Complete Protect are all 50% discounted.

Xiaomi’s Partnership with UNiDAYS

Xiaomi claims that its relationship with UNiDAYS has effectively engaged more than 30,000 students in only two weeks. This resulted in over 16,000 people downloading coupon coupons, with an average order value of almost Rs. 22,000. Within its first month of availability, Xiaomi quickly rose to become one of the top 5 brands on UNiDAYS in India.

UNiDAYS created a complete campaign that includes online and in-store verification alternatives, marketing and media solutions, and training for over 500 in-store managers to guarantee a seamless verification process for student status and promote Xiaomi to its over 1 million users in India.

UNiDAYS’ Gen Z specialists worked with Xiaomi to create a strategy that would drive student acquisition and conversion by connecting with Indian students across many touchpoints and enabling seamless verification.

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