Xiaomi Launches Yunmi Smart Dishwasher Priced At $315


Xiaomi has introduced a new product named as Xiaomi Yunmi Smart Dishwasher. Most modern homes are filled with all manner of appliances. Xiaomi consists of products that are designed to change the lifestyle of its customers through these home appliances. Xiaomi has created a perfectly suited solution to fill those voids through the range of products developed with the blend of innovation, a quality which suits modern day requirements. The yunmi dishwasher promises to wash the dishes in a smart way.

yunmi-smart-dishwasher-3The washing pump of Yunmi dishwasher is manufactured by an Italian company Weike which offers 15000pa ultra-high pulse power flushing water waft. The high pressure of water will clean the dishes and remove the stains and contaminates. It employs a 3- dimension spray technology that can extend 360 degrees both on the upper and lower spray. Apart from this, the dishwasher has the ability to reach an effective washing temperature of 70 degrees which helps in the sterilization of the dishes and removes oil and dirt.

xiaomi-dishwasher-3In order to aid faster drying of the dishes, Yunmi dishwasher is equipped with a PTC hot air drying system imported from Japan. There are different modes that are available for washing which includes standard, economical, fast wash mode and custom mode. In the custom mode, it can provide a quick wash within 30 minutes of time. A large no.of dishes can be washed together as the dishwasher comes with the capacity to accommodate 8 sets of cutlery.

xiaomi-dishwasherThis smart dishwasher can be controlled with a mobile app. The app lets you use the dishwasher remotely. You can control it from anywhere with the help of this app. This device will provide you with an unparalleled experience. In line with which the brand is providing its customers with an interactive Mobile app. We can assure that Yunmi dishwasher will precisely meet your expectations and available space in the kitchen. You don’t need to worry about dirty dishes anymore, all thanks to Xiaomi Yunmi dishwasher.

The device has been priced at $394 after it was listed as “Product Sold Out” on the crowdfunding site.

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