Xplotter – Your Personal Desktop Plotter, Laser Cutter and Engraver

Xplotter - Your Personal Desktop Plotter

A plotter is a printer for computers used for printing vector graphics. And these devices are huge in size because they are preliminary used for poster and banner printing. You have two and three separate part in a plotter for printing and engraving and cutting but in this rapidly growing technology, a solution is always present.

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XPlotter which is not only a plotter but also a Laser Cutter and an Engraver. The device is used to plot, engrave or cut the desired material based on some given semantics.

How does Xplotter work?

The Xplotter contains a pen held by a pen holder, which enables it to move freely and draw or write whatever you want. Not only pen but pencils, markers, charcoal, chalks etc. can also be used for plotting purposes.

To operate, all you need is to install its user-friendly software and connect the device with your system. Users can choose a picture on their desktop and Xplotter will draw/engrave it on the given material.

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For engraving and cutting purposes, a laser is used. While using a laser, make sure that you’re wearing glasses, which are specially designed for safety purposes. There is a wide range of materials on which laser can be processed.


  • Xplotter can be used for drawing and printing purposes.
  • It uses the laser for engraving.
  • Xplotter can also be used as a cutter that helps in creating a 3D figure and deals delicately with complicated patterns.
  • It is capable of cutting up to 3mm of wood.


Users should go for Xplotter because of, first of all, it’s a multipurpose device. Moreover, it gives an efficient output. It is quite helpful for users who are craftsmen, artistic or creative in nature.

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Xplotter applications are widely ranged; from writing on cards or letters to engraving on leather or any material within a short duration of time. Cutting complicated figures has never been easy, Xplotter accurately and delicately deals with complicated designs.


The product is available on kickstarter.com and it’s official Website. The price of the Xplotter is 349 $. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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